Huairou Cloning Cultivates Brand-new Seedlings

"Poplar trees emit fragrance, and peony bears big pomegranate." Recently, the author saw these fresh seedlings in Qianqiao Village Science and Technology Demonstration Park in Qiaobu Town, Huairou District. In the spring of this year, the Beijing Green Valley Biotechnology Development Center established a demonstration base of cloned seedlings in cooperation with Qianqiao Yucun. The base adopts plant cloning—high-efficient propagation technology to breed new seedlings, that is, to use the plant's buds and leaves for rapid propagation in the laboratory, and then plant them in greenhouses and adapt them to the natural growth conditions before transplanting them in the fields. At present, more than ten kinds of seedlings such as Fragrant euonymus, peony pomegranate, and Meihe fast-growing poplar have been cultivated. Poplar is a scented tree species cloned from poplars and cloves. This tree is large in leaves and can smell in the morning or on rainy days. It does not float in the spring and resist cold and insects. Peony Pomegranate is a garden tree species that was cloned from peony and pomegranate. It not only prolonged the flowering period of peony but also produced a large pomegranate. The fast-growing poplar is capable of being grown in 5 years, and its leaf protein content is high. It can provide feed for livestock while providing papermaking raw materials. This year, 250 acres of bases cultivated in the base and more than 10 million strains of Meihe's fast growing Yang will be settled in the desert of Wushenqi, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. This will become the local tree species for greening.


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