Common method for marking cows

The ear tag method is divided into two kinds of round and long ear tags. The latter is to put a number on the metal ear tag, and then use the ear clamp to clamp the ear tag in the appropriate place on the upper edge of the ear. When ear tags are attached, care should be taken not to press the ear tags against the edges of the cow's ears, so that the necrosis of the pressed parts will occur and the ear tags will come off. When ear tags are worn for the Mavericks, appropriate gaps should be left for growth.

The truncated ear method uses a special ear clamp to mark the edges of the cow's left and right ears to indicate the number. For example, a gap in the upper right ear represents 1 and a gap in the left ear represents 10; a gap in the lower edge of the right ear represents 3, a gap in the left ear represents 30; a gap in the right ear tip The gap represents 100, the left ear and the corresponding gap represent 200; a circle in the center of the right ear represents 400, and a circle in the left ear represents 800 and the like.

The corner of the wording with a special brand of burning red, in the corner branding. Cows can be branded on the corners at 2 to 2.5 months of age. If you evenly flattened and the horn is not peeling, the number on the corner can never be erased.

This method of thorn ink method can be carried out after the calf's birth. Inside the yak ears, needles are used to mark the number. The inside of the calf's right ear was washed with hot water, dried, and the appropriate number (consisting of needles) was removed. The needle was inserted into a special pliers to pierce the inside of the right ear. The puncture was painted with black ink. , Or soot alcohol solution, after the wound is long enough to show a clear number.

The frozen branding technique is a new technology that permanently marks cows. It uses ultra-low temperature branding of liquid nitrogen on the skin of cattle, which can destroy pigment cells that produce pigments in the skin without damaging the hair follicles. The new hair that comes out of the branding area at a later time is white, clear and distinct, easily recognizable, and never disappears; the operation is simple, the skin is less damaged, and the bovine body is painless.

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