Chemical fertilizer application method

Ammonium bicarbonate should be applied deeply. Ammonium bicarbonate is very unstable, and it is most easily decomposed into ammonia and volatilizes. The higher the temperature, the greater the volatilization loss, so it should not be used in greenhouses, nor should it be applied to topsoil. Ditching or acupuncture.
After urea is applied, water should not be applied immediately. After urea is applied to the soil, it will soon be converted to ammonium, which is easy to run off with water. Therefore, water should not be applied immediately after application, and it should not be applied before heavy rain. Urea can be applied as a top-dressing fertilizer, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of premature aging due to plant nitrogen deficiency in the middle and late crops, but care must be taken to avoid burning and burning seedlings. Urea also bogey for fertilizer.

Ammonium sulphate avoid long-term use of ammonium sulfate is a physiological acidic fertilizer, if applied in the ground for a long time, will increase the acidity of the soil, destroy the soil pellet structure, soil consolidation and reduce physical and chemical properties, is not conducive to fertility.

Nitrate-based nitrogen fertilizers do not use nitrate-nitrided fertilizers such as ammonium nitrate and sodium nitrate in paddy fields and vegetable fields. They can easily denitrify and lose nitrogen after they are applied to paddy fields. Nitrate-nitrogen fertilizers, when applied to vegetable plots, will double the nitrate content of vegetables and reduce them into nitrite in the human body, which is extremely harmful to the human body.

With chloride fertilizers applied to saline-alkali soils and chlorine-free crops, ammonium chloride, potassium chloride, and other chlorinated fertilizers applied to the soil will cause soil acidification after decomposition. The use of salt fertilizers will increase salt damage. The application of chlorinated fertilizers to bogey-chlorinated crops such as potatoes, watermelons, and grapes can reduce the starch and sugar content of the products, affecting the yield and quality of the products.

Phosphate fertilizers should not be dispersively applied due to the low activity of phosphate fertilizers and it is difficult to be absorbed by crops. Therefore, in the application of phosphate fertilizer, should be used as base fertilizer, and more concentrated in the sown ditch or nest, it is best mixed with organic slag heap for a period of time before application.

Potassium fertilizer should not be applied at the later stage of crop growth due to potassium in the lower stems and leaves of the crop, and can be transferred to the top of the crop and reused. Therefore, potassium fertilizer should be applied in advance at the seedling stage of crops or early in reproductive growth, or be used as a base fertilizer at one time.

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