Carton shaker maintenance method

1. The power supply is identified as AC380V;

2. The power input line and output line are connected correctly.

3, must be grounded, check the power line should be reliably grounded;

4. Items must be clamped during testing;

5. It is strictly forbidden to use for a long time under no load, except for adjusting the machine;

6. It is forbidden to operate beyond the specified load of the machine;

7. Please read the operating instructions carefully before using the machine and observe the safety precautions;

8, no special requirements, it is strictly prohibited to change the setting procedure;

9. When the machine is working, it is forbidden to open the cover of the chassis, otherwise serious electric shock and mechanical damage will occur;

10. Do not switch the machine frequently during work. Please wait for the 10s machine program self-test after booting;

11. After use, please turn off the main power supply;

12. Lock the loose screws during maintenance inspection. When maintenance, please turn off the main power switch;

13. The control box is kept ventilated, dry and clean.

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