Agricultural machinery "drinking oil" can not be ignored

Agricultural machinery works in different environments, sometimes causing some parts to be discordant. At this time, adding a certain amount of lubricating oil to these parts will greatly increase the working performance of agricultural machinery, and check these "drinking oil" parts frequently. Improve mechanical work efficiency and work efficiency.

1. Clutch release bearing. In the operation of agricultural machinery and tools for trenching, rotary tillage, sowing, etc., the clutch is used very frequently and is easy to be damaged. It cannot be ignored. The clutch release bearing should be maintained before each season. The method is: remove the separation claw and the separation bearing, clean it with diesel or kerosene, and then heat it in a container filled with calcium grease to allow the thermal grease to penetrate the bearing. Inside, remove and install.

2. 耙 shaft bushing. The boring bushing is designed to work in harsh environments with high dust and moisture, and is extremely prone to wear or tear. Do not think that the shaft can be rotated without maintenance, otherwise it will cause the journal to be worn, pulled or even scrapped. During maintenance, remove impurities such as sand embedded in the bushing and lubricate with calcium-based grease. If the bushing is worn out, replace the new bushing.

3. Rotary tiller shaft bearings. The 308 bearing on the right side of the coulter tractor with the coulter tractor is lubricated with gear oil, and some of the handles are neglected. The left side of the 207 bearing is lubricated with calcium-based grease, which will cause the bearing. The lack of oil is dry, the heat is stuck in the operation, and even the bearing runs inside, the journal is seriously damaged and scrapped. Therefore, the oil seal and bearing on the left side of the coulter shaft should be removed during maintenance. After cleaning with diesel oil, add calcium-based grease.

4. The tail wheel axle assembly. There are many parts in the tail wheel of the walking tractor, and the working conditions are bad. After the end of each season, it should be removed for cleaning and greased for lubrication. Check the sealing of the oil seal and replace it if it is damaged. Don't think that the tail wheel can be rotated without maintenance. Once the bearing is stuck and the journal wears, it can be big.

5. Ditching machine limited depth wheel bearing. Two-way 60204 bearing is installed in the two ends of the disc ditching machine with the hand-held tractor. The bearing is equipped with a waterproof cover. Do not think that the depth-limiting wheel can be rotated without maintenance. Otherwise, the axle will be stuck. Worn out. Maintenance can be carried out after the end of each season, the lower limit of the deep wheel is removed, the 60204 bearing is taken out and cleaned in clean diesel oil, and then lubricated with calcium-based grease.

6. Thresher roller bearing. The roller bearing works under the condition of dusty and high humidity. Do not think that the drum can rotate and ignore the maintenance, otherwise it will cause early wear and even scrap of the roller journal. Before each season's operation and during operation, attention should be paid to the inspection. Grease lubrication should be added in time. If the bearing is seriously worn or damaged, it should be replaced in time.

7. The seed drill is equipped with a clutch. The displacement clutch of 2bg and other series of drills is easy to enter the dust and dry the grease due to poor sealing performance, resulting in malfunction of the clutch. Therefore, before each season of planting operations, the displacement clutch should be removed to remove the internal deterioration of grease and add new calcium-based grease.


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