Introduction to Electronic Weighbridge

Electronic platform scale structure can be divided into: u steel electronic platform, channel electronic platform, platform electron beam, RC electronic platform; sensor can be divided by the digital electronic platform, analog electronic platform, the whole electronic platform; Electronic weighbri

Goat autumn tube catch three points

1. Fully deworming. Endanger the goat's internal parasites mainly nematodes, trematodes and aphids, and often mixed infections, insecticide available albendazole, the amount of 15 mg per kg body weight, once orally. The ectoparasites of the harmed goats are fleas and ticks, and the affected ar

Common method for marking cows

The ear tag method is divided into two kinds of round and long ear tags. The latter is to put a number on the metal ear tag, and then use the ear clamp to clamp the ear tag in the appropriate place on the upper edge of the ear. When ear tags are attached, care should be taken not to press the ear

Strengthen cultivation and management of reeds

Cultivation site disinfection The local straw mushroom is mainly cultivated outdoors, mostly in a plastic greenhouse or in the open space behind a house. Mainly to do a good job in the surrounding environment, before the cultivation of formaldehyde, potassium permanganate, aerosol disinfectant, li

The efficacy and effect of Wufa Pills

Pinyin name: WufaWan Standard number: WS3-B-0226-90 [Prescription] Rehmannia 100g Eclipta 50g Polygonum multiflorum 100g Black bean (micro-fried) 50g Ligustrum lucidum (wine steamed) 50g Black sesame 50g [Manufacturing method] The above six flavors are pulverized in

Why honeysuckle seedlings die

Mr. Li from Qiaotouhe Town, Wuyuan City: I bought more than 300 honeysuckle seedlings at a price of RMB 1 per plant in December last year. Now the seedlings are growing poorly, and some have died. What are the reasons? Is there a cure? Reporter's reply: After receiving a phone call from Mr. L

Grapevine Management Technology

Straw frame tree With regard to the shape of the main vines on the racks, the shape of the fences can be roughly divided into two types: sectoral shaping and horizontal shaping. The most widely used in the production is the sector shaping. (1) The multi-dominant ruler of the fence: There are man

Melamine ELISA test kit instructions

1. Overview The principle of this kit is the enzyme-linked immunoassay, which can be used for qualitative or quantitative detection of melamine in all samples. HPLC, GC/MS techniques can be utilized if further measurements are required. 2. Safety guidance The kit standard contains a small amount

Do not drink yogurt freely in summer

Nowadays, not only the variety of yoghurt, but also the yoghurt drinks are endless, and you are very likely to buy back “yogurt” that is not yoghurt. Yoghurt is made from high-quality milk fermented by lactic acid bacteria and belongs to the category of milk in essence. Yogurt beverage

Prevention of premature aging of Red Globe grape plants

To prevent the premature aging of the Red Globe grape plant technology in recent years, it has been found that the young Red Globe grapes grow vigorously. After 4 to 5 years of continuous results, the tree body shows various degrees of premature aging: some of the discs, when the yield per mu excee

Must know that eating seafood taboo

1. Dead shellfish toxins Many species of shellfish have a high bacterial count, and protein breakdown is rapid. Once they die, they multiply bacteria and produce toxins, and the unsaturated fatty acids contained in them are also susceptible to oxidative rancidity. Stale shellfish also produce more