How to identify genuine and fake compound fertilizer

1. Packaging identification method. Mainly depends on the production license, fertilizer registration certificate, product certification is complete and effective. 2. Simple visual inspection. Special compound fertilizers are all subjected to a set of complicated procedures for extrusion granulatio

Carp feeding method

The eel is widely distributed. It grows in the ocean, grows in rivers, and is delicate in quality. It contains a lot of vitamin A, has a high content of fats and proteins, and even has more nutrients than chicken. It is an economical fish and can be fed artificially. The seedlings are white and tr

Wheat winter management techniques

From the time of wheat sowing to before winter, it is an important period to form strong seedlings, increase the delivery before winter, and lay a good foundation for high yields in the following year. It is necessary to strengthen the management of this period. Seedling replanting seedlings, see

The edible fungus needs to pass the "five levels" in autumn

In the autumn edible fungi market, the prices of various fresh mushrooms have remained high, and the production and operating efficiency are high. Due to the benefits, in recent years, more and more farmers have cultivated mushrooms in the fall. However, there are many factors that restrict the pr

Puppy peeling skills

The larvae are difficult to peel off, and they are prone to sudden physiological death. Therefore, in the breeding practice, the following points will increase the survival rate of the larvae. Create a suitable environment The first time the larvae were born, the time of first peeling was relati

The role of water purification agent in fish disease control

The micro ecological water purification agent mainly contains various beneficial bacteria such as lactic acid bacteria, bacillus and so on, and can improve the immunity of the organism by improving the water environment, regulating the types of beneficial bacteria, inhibiting the propagation of ha

Tractor Safety Production Tips

First, the safe start of the tractor 1. Check whether the lubricating oil and fuel meet the specified requirements, whether the shift lever is in the neutral position and whether the cooling water is in compliance. Do not start without cooling water. Before the start of winter, add about 70 degre

Medicinal plant mint leaf spot

Symptoms mainly affected the leaves, with small black spot on the foliage, expanded into a circle to irregularly shaped edges, black, and central gray and white lesions, and the rim was not clear. The fruiting body was born on both sides of the leaf, with a layer of grey black mold. The late lesio

Medicinal Plant Pests

The scientific name Portrioza sinica Yang et Li is Homoptera, Hibiscus family. Alias ​​Huang Yi. Distributed in Ningxia, Gansu, Xinjiang, Shaanxi, Hebei, and Inner Mongolia. Host locust, sorrel. Injury characteristics, nymphs in the back of the blade inserted into the leaf tissue,