The highest retail price of 3,000 drugs in Hebei announced 173 proprietary Chinese medicines

Business News Agency Aug. 2 hearing Recently, the (Hebei) Provincial Price Bureau reassessed the results of the successful bid of the provincial government's leading group office for drug procurement, and announced to the public the basic version of the national basic drug 2010 in our province (directly linked to the The highest retail price of some parts), the new price will be implemented from July 28. Among them, there are 2,894 chemical and biological products and 173 proprietary Chinese medicines.
According to the “< Hebei Province Medical Institutions Purchasing Measures for the Centralized Purchasing of Drugs (Trial)> Supplementary Provisions”, the Provincial Price Bureau requires the local health administrative departments to promptly report to the local price authority for the actual purchase price determined through negotiation. The basic medical and health institutions of the basic drug system shall use a zero margin rate of sales based on the actual purchase prices determined by the health administrations at various levels through bargaining. When other medical institutions sell these drugs, the actual price increase rate shall not exceed 15% of the maximum retail price.
It is understood that there are 59 counties (cities, districts) in the province that have implemented the basic drug system in the first batch (see the second edition of this report on June 25th). The Provincial Price Bureau requires all relevant departments to strengthen the zero rate of basic drugs. After the sale of medical institutions, the actual purchase of varieties, quantity, structure and price monitoring analysis. For the actual transaction price and the provincial purchase price difference is very different, or the price adjustment after the market supply is tight, we must promptly to the Provincial Price Bureau, the provincial Health Department Feedback.
In order to ensure that the newly published national zero-difference sales rate for essential medicines is in place, price authorities at all levels will carry out a special inspection in the near future and raise the prices for violations of laws and regulations. Units that do not implement zero-dip sales of drugs must be severely investigated and dealt with according to law. Typical cases are required. Public exposure.

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