Reasons for heavy cracking of bagged apples

First, the cause of apple's “shoulder” cracking is heavy. During the later period of apple growth, when the pulp cells continue to expand, if the temperature drops at that time, the peel will shrink, while the pulp cells that are still expanding will spread the peel. Cause cracks in the skin. Apple's "shoulder," because the skin is tender, so heavy cracks.
Second, the reasons for the severe cracking of apple stems are not timely or the apple harvesting is not timely, and the cracks will be aggravated. If the apple is pulled, it will not be harvested in 7 days after bag extraction. More than 20% of apples will crack. In addition, there will be more rainfall and apple cracks will be heavy. After picking the bag, if there is dew every day and the fruit surface does not dry before 11am, the apple cracks. Heavy; underground humidity, apple crack; air temperature instability, apple cracks.

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