Fitness body multifunctional massage chair recommended

Chinese medicine believes that blood is an indispensable basic material for the human body. The smooth flow of meridian blood vessels is the basis for the normal operation of blood and blood, and the normal operation of blood and blood is a prerequisite for human health. Therefore, “Qi is a blood commander, gas is blood, and blood is blood. The gas miracle, the blood to the air, the air is smooth and easy, the blood passes away from the disease." Massage some specific parts or acupuncture points of the human body, can play Shu Jing Tongluo, stop bleeding phlegm, rib reinforcement, adjust Ying Wei (blood), coordinate the role of yin and yang, so as to achieve the purpose of physical fitness.

With age, older people should apply massage to certain specific parts of the body to speed up local blood circulation, enhance the nutritional supply of cells, and then improve the body's immune function, to achieve the effect of longevity. Now Xiaobian will recommend a multifunctional fitness massage chair for you. Your favorite friend can think about it.

Multifunctional fitness massage chair function:

1, the body of multiple deep-level massage hundred years Kang multi-function automatic rotation boss massage chair, through the cervical lumbar massage, cushion vibration massage, imitating a variety of masseur massage techniques, effective and convenient to make the body's cervical, lumbar, Thoracic abdomen, shoulders and elbows and other joints get a reasonable and effective exercise, improve the blood circulation of the whole body, relieve fatigue, so that you can easily avoid the influence and harm caused by sedentary massage.

2, 90 ° -130 ° rocking massage because of sedentary and less exercise, prone to cause a variety of diseases, commonly known as "office syndrome, television syndrome, computer syndrome." 100-year-old multifunctional automatic rotating boss massage chair, through scientific ergonomic design, with a unique left and right level of 90 ° -130 ° rotation, so that your body can swing freely, the real part of the body a long time the blood circulation of the key parts of the obstruction Get full exercise, comparable to the massaging effect that the masseur brings to you.

3, twist waist massage multi-function automatic rotation boss massage chair, for a long time sitting work, entertainment characteristics, through the massage chair up and down free rise and fall, left and right horizontal swing design, so that you can lie on the chair can do swing exercise every day Using ten minutes, you can reach a circle of 1000 Hula Hoops. The back was comfortable, and the bones were loose. The whole person relaxed and seemed a lot younger.


1, smart chip control, adjustable seat back, adjustable armrests;

2, remote automatic control, horizontal movement around 90 ° -130 adjustable;

3, three modes and frequencies, so you have more freedom to choose;

4, 100 kg super load, overload automatic protection function;

5, The unique UU-shaped tripod tripod design allows the leg to be greatly relaxed;

6, manual clutch device, when the seat can be rotated 360 degrees at any time;

7, temperature control switch design, when the motor temperature is higher than 60 degrees, automatic power-off protection;

8, anti-lightning design, anti-electromagnetic interference circuit.


Office family, fatigue-prone people, sedentary people, middle-aged people, and people with mobility disorders.

In the cold winter, you have a multifunctional massage chair to make your winter healthier and warmer.

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