Jujube Tree Opener Promotes Fruit Setting

The time of opening is the best time for opening the date.
The site of the first armored armored armor should be 30 cm from the base of the trunk, and it should be spaced 5-10 cm apart each year. The open armor is dominated by mature trees. The tree age must not be too early and prematurely affect the growth of the tree vigor.
The way to open A is to make a circular peel on the trunk, a width of about 1 cm, depth to reach the xylem is appropriate.
Should pay attention to matters 1 weaker tree can not be opened.
2 Saplings cannot be opened on the trunk.
3 After the armor is opened, fertilizer and water management should be strengthened to reduce the adverse effects of armor-induced weakening of the tree.
4 Apply a sealing oil or medicine mud to the mouth of the open mouth in time.

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