Isolation of osteoblasts from human bone.

Isolation of osteoblasts from human bone. Bone samples were cleaned of adherent soft tissue and osteoblasts isolated by two methods. a. The bone was cut into small pieces (2 mm × 2 mm), washed in Ca 2+ - and Mg 2+ -free digestion's solution (10 min), and then sequentially digested (1 mg/ml

Chinese medicinal materials common pest control

First, the root rot disease begins with fibrous roots, roots brown rot, and gradually spread to the main root, eventually leading to whole root rot, until the stems and leaves above the ground withered, the whole plant withered. The disease is often associated with the infestation of underground ne

Fitness body multifunctional massage chair recommended

Chinese medicine believes that blood is an indispensable basic material for the human body. The smooth flow of meridian blood vessels is the basis for the normal operation of blood and blood, and the normal operation of blood and blood is a prerequisite for human health. Therefore, “

Jujube Tree Opener Promotes Fruit Setting

The time of opening is the best time for opening the date. The site of the first armored armored armor should be 30 cm from the base of the trunk, and it should be spaced 5-10 cm apart each year. The open armor is dominated by mature trees. The tree age must not be too early and prematurely affect

Reasons for heavy cracking of bagged apples

First, the cause of apple's “shoulder” cracking is heavy. During the later period of apple growth, when the pulp cells continue to expand, if the temperature drops at that time, the peel will shrink, while the pulp cells that are still expanding will spread the peel. Cause cracks in

New planting seedlings in the spring is in the wrong zone

Watering too late or insufficient Spring is the golden season for nursery stock conservation. Watering is critical. Generally, seedlings need to be poured 2 or 3 times in the spring. The key is to return to Qingshui for the first time. Appropriate returning of Qingshui can effectively reduce the

Do not feed boars with finishing pigs

The quality of boars has a direct impact on the efficiency of raising pigs. A common phenomenon among rural pig farmers is the use of finishing pig feed to feed boars. As a result, boars often cause rapid growth, late sexual maturity, and poor libido. The testicular function is abnormal and sperm

Pig Concept - The Key 5 Words

One, species - buy piglets, learn to buy piglets is the best quality, healthy disease-free, well-developed piglets at the lowest possible price. To achieve this goal, we must pay attention to the following three points: 1. Where to buy The location to be purchased relates to the health condition of