Winter raising orchids "four wants"

In order to conserve and manage orchids in winter, different management measures must be taken according to the different varieties and characteristics of orchids. One needs to enter the room insulation into the winter, the outdoor orchids must be moved into the indoor sunlight can reach the place

Common methods for aphrodisiac

Sex-induced aphrodisiac places female rabbits that have not been estrus for a long time or refuse mating into a male rabbit cage. After chasing, climbing, and other stimuli, the female rabbit is still returned to the original cage. After 2 or 3 such stimuli, the mother can be induced to induce fem

The three links of high cucumber yield

Generally, the planting households grow cucumbers with a yield of 10,000 to 12,000 kilograms per mu. The cucumber that I planted for 9 years is about 15,000 kilograms per year, and when it is high, it reaches 20,000 kilograms. In fact, the selection of soil, fertilization and pest management are a

Winter seed preservation technology

corn (1) Reduce moisture. Maize seeds have low water content, can prevent freezing damage, are not susceptible to insects and mildew, and can also postpone the maintenance of seed viability. The most effective measure to reduce seed moisture is ventilation. There are two kinds of ventilation: Fir