Easy way to quickly germinate vegetable seeds

After the germination of the vegetable seeds, the seedlings are seeded or broadcast, and the seedlings not only grow together but grow strong, but also can promote the early maturity and high yield of the vegetables. Now is the time for many vegetable nurseries. Here are a few simple methods for g

Cucumber seedlings in early spring

In early spring, cucumbers have low temperature during the nursery period and the sunshine is short. To achieve Miao Qi and Miao Zhuang, the following aspects of the work must be done when raising the seedlings: First, seedbed preparation There is a nursery bed in the greenhouse. In order to imp

Fox breeding technology

Introduce our breeding technology for foxes in our field for 22 years. 1, the choice of fox The selection of foxes is also called seed selection. The method of seed selection is mainly determined based on the conditions of the flock, the breeding environment, and the requirements for the product

The best cultivation method of autumn sowing potato

Cultivation of autumn potatoes is generally started from August and harvested in November. The early temperature is high, which is conducive to the growth of stems and leaves on the ground. The temperature is low at the later stage and is suitable for the expansion of the underground. The yield is

Adding light to layers

Illumination is an important factor that affects the laying of laying hens. Artificial supplemental lighting requires science. Mainly pay attention to four aspects: 1, light to be stable Adding light to layer chickens generally begins at 19 weeks of age, and the duration of light should be from

Making full use of colostrum to breed calves

Colostrum is not suitable for human consumption and is not suitable for processing. Therefore, it is reasonable to keep excess colostrum and continue to feed calves. This will not only help promote the growth of yak, but also increase economic income and reduce the cost of cultivation. The use of

Pharmaceutical packaging testing project

Packaging----An important guarantee for the quality of drugs The pharmaceutical industry is a high-tech industrial group that integrates multi-disciplinary advanced technologies, and its impact involves various aspects such as national health, social stability and eco

Green beans - rice - pea high-quality cultivation mode

In order to increase land utilization, increase the multiple cropping index, and promote high agricultural yield, quality, and efficiency, compared with single-season late rice, the high-yield green beans, rice, and pea cultivars have significantly increased returns and can achieve better economic

Tobacco pesticides mixed precautions

There are many advantages associated with the use of pesticides, but it does not mean that all pesticides can be mixed and that not all pesticides need to be mixed. Mixed use is strictly required, and it must be judged based on the chemical and physical properties of the drug itself, as well as th

Application of grape slag in pig feed

The grape residue after grape wine is a good feed for pigs and can be used instead of cornmeal to feed pigs. According to the scientific determination, in each kilogram of grape dreg dry matter, it contains 5.7 MJ of digestive energy, 86 g of digestible protein, 13.2% of crude protein, 13.2% of cru