Shen Pu Ma Ji

Types of Production performance High quality, medium speed, fast large Parents can use 188 eggs when they are 66 weeks old. Commodity generation High-quality type: 70-day-old male and female average weight 1.4 kg High-quality type: 63-week-old male and female average weight 1.5 kg fast Large:


Morphological characteristics: Patrinia herbaceous perennial herb, up to 1.5 meters. Stems hollow, thick white hairs. Rhizomes thick and short. Leaves opposite, 2-9 pairs deeply pinnate. The corymbose-like shape is crowned by a thimble inflorescence, and the corolla is pale pink. Achenes ovoid, ca

Why corn seedlings fight after fertilization

Fertilization case: A farmer in Inner Mongolia planted 4 mu of corn. When he turned the ground in the spring, 5 cars of manure were used as base fertilizer. In the past, he used 45% (15-15-15) of compound fertilizer 35 kg as the base fertilizer. of. He believes that the use of earthworms is now be

Garden new show - fruit with roses

Four years ago, a company called LiguriaVivaioRosePa-trucco in Liguria, Italy, began to have interest in the selection of roses for the use of ornamental roses. Today, some of the commercial varieties they have developed are increasingly favored by producers in southern and central Italy because th

Cyperus spinosus

[Scientific name]Boea clarkeane [alias] scattered blood grass Genus Originates from the north of Yunnan, Sichuan, western Hubei, southern Shaanxi, and western Zhejiang. Cold resistance is weak, shading is required when high temperature and strong light. Hi slightly acid, more humus, loose and w

Fine-leafed grass

The genus Oxypogon japonicus is a genus herbaceous plant of the family Liliaceae, with roots. Native to China, Japan and North Korea. Hi half shade, moist, well-ventilated environment. Requires rich humus, well-drained sandy loam. Flowering May-August. Rhizomatous bracts are short and thick with

Ten points of late stage pest control in rice

The target of prevention and control must clearly address the differences in the types of pests and diseases in the field and adopt appropriate pesticide control. When pesticides are mixed, their pesticide content must be clarified, especially the prevention and treatment of panicle blasts. There


EiphygumoxypetalumHaw This flower is also known as Qionghua, Yuexiamei, which belongs to the family of cactus and genus. [Morphological characteristics] Perennial evergreen succulent plant. The metamorphosis technique is oval-shaped, hypertrophic and fleshy, with wavy edges, lignified middle te


Latin name: Octopus vulgaris Cuvier English name: common octopus Common name: True chapter sow Zhang Gangmu: Origin and production period of Polygonaceae: True oysters are mainly distributed on the southeast coast of China. They are mainly in Zhejiang Zhoushan, Pingtan in Fujian, Xiapu, Xiamen,

Half-branch lotus (Figure)

The half-branch lotus is a year-round succulent flower of the purslane family and is native to Brazil. Its several top flowers, petals overlap, flowers and flowers are beautiful and bright, and its flowers have the habit of seeing the sun before blooming, so it is also called the sun flower and no

The strange grass in the world

Temperature measurement grass: In Sweden, there is a kind of grass named “Tricolor Sprite”, which is called “Natural Thermometer”. Because the grass is extremely sensitive to temperature changes, when the temperature is above 20 士, its branches and branches are all exte