Tomatoes can be increased by pressing

Practice has shown that tomato village branches can increase production. The specific approach is: after the fruitful period of the tomatoes, leave behind 1 - 2 lateral branches that grow on the bottom of the main stem, bend them to the ground, fix them with earth pressure, and expose 2 leaves - 3 leaves on the top. After all the collaterals are fixed, pour water once. After the lamination, the temperature in the shed (room) is controlled at 20°C-25°C during the day, 10°C-15°C at night, the soil moisture is 60°C-70°C, and the air temperature is 45°C-55°C. After the fruit of the main stem of the tomato declines, immediately cut the main stem from the upper part of the pressed lateral branch, and strengthen the management of fertilizer and water, which can make it bloom quickly.