The pest control of camellia

The pests of Camellia include aphids, scale insects, red spiders, rust ticks, and leaf roller moths. With the addition of rust niches, it can be controlled with general insecticides. The most serious are rust ticks and ticks. The white powder is very small and hard to find. It damages the young shoots of Camellia leaves. The back of the leaves turns yellow, like rust, and the leaves are twisted and unable to grow. . To prevent and treat rust ticks, I have adopted a variety of pesticide control tests and concluded that dicofol and chlorothalonil have the best effects. Rust ticks reproduce most quickly under high temperature and drought conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to do a cool water spray on the gardens, and to cut off the leaves that have been damaged by the rust ticks. The leaves or branches of the existing scale insects can be removed manually, and the insecticides can be removed by using alcohol and alcohol. Camellia on the basin. Flower pots with mud pots (sugar pots, tile pots) are appropriate. Put 3-4 pieces of tile on the bottom hole of the pot first, then fill in a part of the coarse soil, plant the seedling in the pot, fill some fine soil in the root, and slowly put the coarse soil around the pot, gently Beat the basin week, press the basin soil with your hand, and place a part of the soil to shoot. (Pel-earth should be 2-4 cm below the pot opening to allow watering. After the seedling is placed on the pot, the first time it should be poured with enough water, it should be slowly poured to make the pelvic floor water-permeable. The surface of the soil is compacted and the seedlings in the new basin must be sprayed with foliar surface water to keep it moist, avoid water accumulation in the basin, avoid pouring fertilizer, and the watering should be based on the climate and basin soil conditions, and the principle of keeping the soil moist. If there is little or no pouring, pouring must be light.For the mail-ordered Camellia on the pot, 1-2 years old seedlings, first the root mud or mud block, gently wash with water and then on the pot is appropriate, due to seedlings loaded When the box is in order to ensure survival, it usually takes some root soil. These soils are transported very tightly on the way. When they are boxed, they are afraid that the seedlings will be shaken and rooted. Therefore, it is necessary to wash the roots, so that the upper basin can be treated so that the roots can be Fast survival rate is high, middle and large seedlings with more than three years of age need to bring soil ball pots, otherwise it will reduce the survival rate, if the soil ball has been compacted, you can first dip the soil ball in the clear water and immediately pick up, and then use bamboo sticks Loosely loosen the topsoil on the surface of the soil ball and then put on the basin.The basin time: in November or early spring, February-March, north Area should be at the end of March-April early, the condition may also have insulation on the basin in winter.

What is SARMs? Selective androgen receptor modulator, are originally in the form of raw powders, mainly acting on androgen receptors, they have similar effects as androgen drugs, but they are not like raw steroids, their effects are more selective, which may also bring more application than androgen drugs. As far as products on the market are concerned, SARMs can be taken orally, which has a greater advantage than androgen drugs - most androgen drugs require injection. The advantages of SARMs, besides oral administration, the ratio of anabolic to masculinity is greater than 3:1 and can even reach 90:1, which means it will have fewer negative male problems. We all know that masculinization will bring problems such as hair loss, prostate, and masculinity, and a lower male index will facilitate the promotion of SARMs as a drug for the treatment of osteoporosis. Of course, the dose used for treatment is much lower than the amount used by athletes.


SARMs is not as well known as steroids. Considering the cost of steroids, most users will choose to buy Raw Steroids from overseas to make oils by themselves, if people don`t like brewing they may choose semi-finished oils which just need to be filtered, or use the similar things such as Human Growth Hormone, Bodybuilding Peptides to instead. So why we choose SARMs raw, following are the advantage of SARMs for your reference.


Gain muscle

Prevent muscle loss during cutting and weight loss

Athletic performance

Increasing fat loss

Increasing endurance

Injury rehabilitation

PCT use after steroid cycle


Advantages of SARMS when compared to steroids:


Oral use (don`t need to inject)

Same effects to testosterone (libido, gain muscle, fat loss)

No conversion to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

No conversion to Estrogen

No harsh liver toxicity

Does not inhibit your HPTA to the large extent of steroids (no large reduction in LH or FSH)

Legal and not scheduled

Undetectable (selected SARMS)


Although steroid hormones are currently the most commonly used drugs for athletes, the risk of athletes using these drugs is increasing as their detection sensitivity continues to increase.

SARM specifically stimulates androgen receptors in muscle and bone cells, thus contributing to muscle and bone growth, while having little effect on other cells in the body (unlike regular steroids). They have a specific affinity for certain tissues, such as muscles and bones, but not for other tissues such as the prostate, liver, and brain. This means faster muscle and bone growth without unwanted growth in other parts of the body.


SARM also does not break down into unwanted molecules that cause side effects, such as DHT and estrogen, just as easily as anabolic steroids. Finally, because SARMs are not as effective as regular steroids, they do not significantly inhibit the production of natural testosterone, making it easier to recover from it, and rarely require post-circulation therapy (PCT).

Increasing Endurance SARMs

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