Reservoir fish special fertilizer

The fish special fertilizer for fish farming is a highly standardized organic and inorganic fertilizer that is replaced by phosphate fertilizer and ammonium bicarbonate fish produced by using modern bioengineering technology. It has a small amount, high utility, rapid fish growth, and improved water quality. Reduce fish diseases and adapt to the characteristics of producing green aquatic products. The ecological protein material used in conjunction with it is the preferred product for high-tech applications. It contains a large number of beneficial microorganisms, animal-required proteins and amino acids, and has the functions of promoting digestion and absorption, stimulating growth and development, improving immune function, and inhibiting various germs. . In environmental protection, due to the action of microbial enzymes and photosynthetic bacteria, the product has the ability to optimize water quality, decompose and synthesize organic matter, promote the circulation of organic matter at the bottom of the pool, and eliminate harmful substances in water. It can reduce ammonia nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide and nitrate and increase The amount of dissolved oxygen and nutrients in the water promotes the growth of planktonic microorganisms and thus the quality of aquaculture water bodies.
Ecological protein materials and special fertilizers for reservoir fish farming have a very important role in improving water quality and optimizing ecological environment in water areas.
Application method: Reservoir fish fertilizer 2-3kS/mu, ecological protein material 1kg/mu. Every 5-7 days, depending on the discretion of the water quality increase or decrease. Precautions:
1, can not be mixed with basic drugs;
2, can not be mixed with antibiotics, fungicides at the same time;
3, to explore new usage and dosage based on their own conditions and environmental conditions.

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