How to do oil seal leakage?

Oil seals are important parts for agricultural machinery and various types of machinery and equipment, and are widely used. Its performance and quality have a direct impact on the reliability of agricultural machinery and various mechanical equipment. Some oil seals have a long life of one year. At least several months or even three or five days due to poor sealing and oil scrapped, this situation has seriously affected the efficiency of agricultural machinery and various mechanical equipment, not only increased fuel consumption and production costs, but also pollute the environment.
First, the working principle of the oil seal
1. In the free state, the inner diameter of the oil seal lip is smaller than the shaft diameter and has a certain amount of interference.
2. After installation, the interference pressure of the oil seal edge and the contraction force of the self-tightening spring generate a certain radial pressure on the rotating shaft.
3, work, the oil seal lip under the radial pressure, the formation of 0.25 ~ 0.5mm wide seal contact ring. Under the effect of the lubricating oil pressure, a very thin layer of oil film is formed between the oil seal and the rotating shaft. The oil film is affected by the surface tension of the oil. A “new moon face” is formed along the outer edge of the rotating shaft and the edge of the oil seal to prevent the oil from overflowing and plays a sealing role.
Second, the main factors causing oil seal oil leakage Seal seal is caused by the main factor is the leakage of oil, when the shaft wear to form a groove, even if the replacement of the new oil seal can not be sealed, because the oil seal lip and shaft contact pressure drop, After installation, the diameter of the oil seal lip and the interference of the shaft diameter are too small. Taking the S195 diesel engine crankshaft oil seal as an example, the main reasons for the analysis of its poor seal are: 1 poor quality of the oil seal; poor quality of 2 shafts or bearings; 3 improper use and maintenance; 4 improper installation; 5 improper storage, environmental pollution The adverse effects.
Third, the oil seal is not strict and oil leakage measures
1. Master and identify the basic knowledge of shoddy products, choose high quality, standard oil seals.
2. During installation, if the shaft surface roughness is low or there are rust, rust, burr and other defects, use a fine emery cloth or oil stone polished smooth; apply oil or grease to the oil seal lip or shaft diameter corresponding position. Apply sealant to the outer ring of the oil seal, wrap the keyway on the shaft with hard paper, avoid scratching the seal lip, and use a special tool to rotate the oil seal inwards. Never use a hard punch. To prevent deformation of the oil seal or to break the spring and failure; if the lip flange, spring off and oil seal deflection must be removed and re-installed. It should be noted that when the shaft diameter is not worn and the spring force of the oil seal spring is sufficient, do not tighten the inner spring without authorization.
3. Oil seals applied to agricultural machinery generally require inspect, maintenance and maintenance due to poor working conditions, large temperature difference, large amounts of dust, and frequent machine vibrations that cause mechanical conditions to change.
4. Such as shaft diameter and bearing wear serious; oil seal rubber aging or spring failure, etc., should be promptly repaired and replaced the corresponding parts.
5. For abnormally hot parts or assemblies should be promptly troubleshooting; avoid mechanical overspeed, overload operation, to prevent the oil seal lip temperature, rubber aging, early lip wear and so on.
6. Always check the oil level. If the oil is too contaminated, replace the new oil with alloy powder or metal scrap. The brand and quality of the replaced oil must meet the requirements of the season.
7. Temporarily unused oil seals should be properly kept from oil, dust or sun exposure.
8. When the shaft diameter wears into a "V" shaped groove, the new oil seal lip and shaft contact pressure drop can not play a sealing role. Optional AR-5 bi-component adhesive can be used to make up, which is simple, reliable and wearable. Oil seal displacement can also be used to make up for. The specific method is: a general rubber seal, can be added to the gasket to shift the seal forward or backward, staggered wear grooves on the shaft diameter. For the limit skeleton oil seal, the skeleton front end shell can be turned L5 ~ 2mm, and then pad displacement. If the outer circle of the oil seal is loose with the bearing housing LB, the size recovery glue can be used for blocking.

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