Fresh peas autumn broadcast technology

Fresh sowing peas in spring have a short growth period and are planted in the middle or early September. The picking at the beginning of November will not only help improve the land multiple cropping index, but also effectively use the light and temperature resources before the winter, and the market for fresh oysters will be at market time. Vegetable and vegetables during the fall period, the planting efficiency is higher, generally 500 ~ 600 kg per mu, the per mu output value of 1200 yuan, up to more than 2,000 yuan. The current autumn cultivation techniques for fresh peas are described below for reference by the majority of farmers.
1, choose a good seed. The varieties of early-maturing peas cultivated in Zhejiang Province were dominated by medium peas 6 and medium peas 4. The growth period of these two cultivars is basically the same, about 70 days in the autumn, all of them are upright dwarf cultivars. They do not need scaffolding and they have the advantages of provincial holidays, but Zhongya 6 has obvious advantages in terms of yield and fresh glutinous rice. Slightly better than Zhongwan No. 4.
2, suitable for sowing. The best sowing date in Zhejiang is from early September to mid-September, specifically from September 5 to September 15. Do not sow before September and after September 20. Because of the early sowing, higher temperature will cause a large number of seedlings to die. Even if the seedlings survive, the flowers in the first and second stalls cannot normally bloom, fertilize and drums, so the yield is very low; if sowing is too late, the flowers will bloom. , fertilization and drumming are susceptible to low temperature hazards and cannot be harvested normally. The risk is high. In northern Zhejiang and southern Zhejiang, the planting period in central Zhejiang can be appropriately advanced and postponed.
3, rational close planting. Precocious peas stand upright and suitable for dense planting. Autumn pea vegetative growth period is only 27 days, only 27% of winter sowing, plant height and number of branches is only half of winter sowing, so more close-to planting, the amount of 17 kg per mu is appropriate, drought year Slightly poor emergence, can be increased to 20 kilograms, spacing 20 to 25 centimeters, open seeding or on-demand broadcast, but also no-tillage sowing (seed spreading after sowing ditch cover), the basic seedlings per acre should be more than 60,000.
4, Shizujifei, skillfully applied fertilizer. The temperature change during the autumn sowing period showed a “straight line” decline. The temperature during the whole growth period was high and the growth period was short. To handle the problem of the accumulation of nutrients during the short-term vegetative growth period, the principle of fertilization should be adopted for "basic fertilization, early application of Miaofei, and re-applying flower manure." The basal fertilizer Mushi imports 30 kg of compound fertilizer. When it is applied, it should avoid direct contact between the fertilizer and the seeds, and it can spread all over the field using no-tillage sowing. Four-leaf Mushi urea 5 kg, the beginning of flowering Mushi urea 10 kilograms, in order to increase flowers, increase glutinous, increase grain weight.
5, drought prevention, weeding pests. Peas are bogey water afraid of drought crops. During the autumn sowing, the temperature is high, and the rainfall is small. Autumn drought has a greater impact on the growth of peas, so it is better to choose the field with good fertilizer and water retention performance. If the soil is too dry at the time of sowing, it should be sowed before or during the evening after sowing. After the whole plant is wet, the water will be drained and the water will be irrigated before emergence. In the event of drought in the seedling and flowering and podging stages, furrow irrigation should be conducted to resist drought.
Advocate chemical weeding, after sowing before the bud with 50% acetochlor 60 ml or 20% Napropamide 200 ml watered 40 to 50 kg evenly spray. The soil is required to be moist when spraying to improve the efficacy. For fields where weeding is not effective or where weeding is not done in time, grassy grasses and weeds can be used to stabilize and kill, grass cover can be used, and broad-leaf grasses or mixed-field plots can be treated with Pyreneurs. Leafminers, cabbage caterpillars, telophytes and tapeworms are the main pests of peas, and the key is to do a good job of seedling control. It can be used to control 2-4 times of dimethoate or 1000 times of dichlorvos for 2 or 3 times. Root rot and blight are mainly spread by soil. The first method of prevention and control is to implement the rotation of dry and dry land and avoid dry land for continuous cropping; the second is to use benzodiazepine and other agents for prevention and treatment at the seedling stage.

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