Schisandra wine production method

Introduction of raw materials: Schisandra is a general name for the genus Schizandra of Magnoliaceae. The fruit is a spicidal aggregate fruit formed by many small berries arranged on an elongated torus. There are 18 species in China. The fruit produced in the north is called “North Schisandra” and the fruit is dark red. Produced in the middle is called "Huazhong Schisandra" and the fruit is red. Generally mature in September. There is lemon fragrance, refreshing juice, average ear weight 9.01 grams, weight about 0.38 grams, about 3.5% sugar, about 5% of the total acid, tannin pigment is 0.095%, juice juice yield is 45 to 50%.

Production method: Schisandra is a fruit wine made from the fruit of Schisandra chinensis through a specific process. Before the raw material is processed, it must be sorted and processed. Since the Schisandra fruit has low sugar content and high acidity, a mixed fermentation method of diluting the acidity with white granulated sugar liquor is used. The fruit is crushed and becomes self-flowing fruit juice. It is adjusted to 13 degrees (v/v) with deodorizing alcohol, frozen, and filtered for use. . The fermented juice undergoes pre-fermentation and post-fermentation to make the fermented juices meet the following requirements, showing ruby ​​red, fresh fruit aroma, alcoholicity at 11 to 18 degrees (v/v), total acid at 0.9 to 1.8%, volatile acids Below 0.08%, tannins are below 0.07% and residual sugars are below 0.5. After fermentation, the original wine is separated, frozen, filtered and stored. The storage temperature is controlled at about 10°C. After the end of the secondary fermentation, immediately after separation, the separated fruit residue is added with sugar and half of it is fermented for 3 to 4 days. It is called tertiary juice. The fruit squeeze juice is called three pressing juices, and then the two juices are mixed and sugar added. Fermentation, when the alcoholicity reached 7 to 8 degrees, storage for about 1 week, distillation, in order to obtain Schisandra fruit brandy, sealed aging more than six months. Finally, the raw wine and self-flowing juice were blended in a ratio of 9:1.

Quality index: The wine is light sapphire red, clear and transparent, no obvious suspended solids, no sediments, fruity scent fruit and wine flavor. The wine is full-bodied, with a sweet and sour taste and a rich flavor. It has a typical style of schisandra fruit wine. Alcohol content (20°C) 150.5% (v/v); Brix 250.5 g/100 ml; Total acid 10.2 g/100 ml.

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