How to manage apple trees after fruit picking?

First, supplement nutrition. The foliar fertilizer can be used to dry, or combined with the prevention and treatment of early defoliation and spider mites, etc. in the agent plus foliar fertilizer spray.

Second, strengthen management. It should be based on the premise of distinguishing the tree-trends, with the potential law, and treat them differently. For large branches that are too low from the ground, dragging branches on the main branch, and branching on the upper and middle branches that are severely enclosed and overlapping, should be removed as soon as possible. This will help Wangshu control the crown and stabilize the flowers, and it is in the autumn shoots. During the growth period, the wounds will heal quickly and help the fruit trees to safely pass winter. For the upper branch and the strong branch, the Wang branch from the main side branch began to diverge from the base and multi-channels, weakening its potential, branching into branches, but the base does not move, making it rejuvenate. Do not prematurely eliminate the holdings, and decide whether to eliminate or use them in late September.

Third, pull the branch transformation. For the unfinished pre-transformation and the new branches with long stems and baldness that grow longer, we must pay close attention to the transformation of the shoots, since this period coincides with the rapid growth of autumn shoots, which is fast and rapid.

Fourth, autumn basal fertilizer. In September, the autumnal shoots were parked one after another, and the fruit trees entered the third peak period of root development. During this period, fertilization was beneficial to nutrient accumulation and was conducive to the healing of root injuries in fertilization.

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