New method for keeping pigs warm in winter

The climate in winter is characterized by cold weather, low temperatures, short nights, and insufficient sunshine hours. These unfavorable environmental conditions make it difficult for pigs to quickly grow fat. In winter pigs, the temperature control in piggery has become the most concern for farmers. The best answer to this problem should be a new pig-breeding method.
Fermentation of pig bed pigs in pigs is a “central” role in the use of micro-organisms as a material energy cycle and conversion. High-tech means are used to collect specific and beneficial microorganisms, through screening, cultivation, inspection, purification, rejuvenation and propagation. , The formation of powerful functional microbial strains, such as actinomycetes, yeast and other functional microorganisms in Kinpai's fermentation auxiliaries, and mixing them with sawdust or sawdust, auxiliary materials, active agents, salt, etc. in a certain proportion The organically compounded litter of the fermented finished product automatically meets the environment-friendly ecological pig-raising pattern of heat preservation, ventilation, and physiological requirements for trace elements in domestic pigs. Due to the fermentation and decomposition of microbial strains in the fermenting bed fermentation auxiliaries of Jinbao, the odor in the pig house disappears, and the fly maggots stop breeding. The bottom of the bed of the pig house enters the state of natural reproduction, and a white mycelium is formed in the middle, and the temperature can reach 50~ 60°C or higher (surface temperature controlled between 25 and 30°C), pig manure becomes a feed or fertilizer after fermentation. In fermented-bed pig houses, domesticated pigs live on this organic litter from birth and their excrements are rapidly degraded, digested or transformed by microorganisms; and the nutrients provided by the pig manure continuously reproduce the beneficial functional bacteria. The high protein mycelia, after being eaten by pigs, not only facilitates digestion and enhances immunity, but also improves the feed conversion rate. The ratio of input to output and feed ratio is reduced. Feeding fattening pigs of the same weight can save feed 20- 30%, eliminating 60% to 80% of artificial labor, the economic and ecological benefits are considerable.

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