Fish pond water purification method

Pond water quality is very important! The quality of fish and shrimp is good or not. Many experienced fish farmers can judge the status of fish and shrimp, whether they are sick or whether they have “pan-tang” through the quality of water. In addition to traditional methods (water injection, use of aerators, and application of lime), the method of purifying water quality has a new method of using water conditioners: Ginbo water quality regulators. The golden treasure water quality regulator contains a variety of functional microorganisms, which can effectively decompose and decompose various organic substances and various harmful substances. When the water quality is too fat, muddy, and low in transparency, appropriate amounts of Ginbo water quality regulators can be used to maintain water quality, prevent water quality from aging, promote the growth of plankton and prevent the occurrence of fish diseases. In addition, compared with the traditional method, the use of Golden Water Quality Regulator can also bring rich "natural" food to fish and shrimp. The functional microorganisms in the golden treasure water quality regulator can decompose water grass, residual feed, fecal waste, etc. to form nutrients needed for fish and shrimp for their consumption. After the application of the golden treasure water quality regulator, plankton blooms in the water and the pool water appears green or brown green, and the effect is very satisfactory.

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