Fertilizer spraying techniques at different stages of cotton leaves

1. Fertilizer spraying at the seedling stage during seedling stage can promote early emergence of cotton seedlings, promote weak seedlings to become strong seedlings, and can control plant height and prevent leggy. Generally choose to spray 1% of urea and 1% -2% of superphosphate soak the filtrate mixture 50-75 kg. 2. During the bud period, the normal cotton field can be sprayed with potassium dihydrogen phosphate 300-500 times plus appropriate amount of zinc fertilizer; the peak of cotton plant growth occurs before flowering, the nutrient growth is too fast, and the line will be closed earlier and the middle and lower parts will be increased. The bolls are shed and these cotton fields need to be sprayed with inhibitors to control the growth of the main stem and the fruit branches of the cotton plant. That is, in the cotton bud stage, mu 1.5 g of salicylamine or regulatory amines, watered 50 kg spray. 3, flower and boll spray fertilization cotton flower bell needs a large amount of fertilizer, is the key period of production. Plants are short, roots undeveloped, purple cotton fields with dark leaves, 2% superphosphate or 0.2%-0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution, 60 kg, can reduce the effect of budding bell shedding and strengthening peaches. . When the growth is not prosperous and the leaf color is light yellow, 50 kg of a 1% urea solution can be sprayed on the mu.

In the boll opening stage of spray-fertilizer cotton, the vegetative growth is almost stopped, the leaves gradually become old, and the ability of the root to absorb fertilizer and water weakens. For premature decompensation of cotton, mu can be sprayed with 1%-1.5% of urea solution 60-75 kg; normal or growing trend of the cotton field, mu spray 2% -3% of the superphosphate 60-75 kg, both Prevent premature aging and promote premature maturity. When greedy and late-maturing cotton is harvested, it uses 40% ethephon 100-150 grams, plus 30 kilograms of water for spraying, in order to promote the early maturity of cotton and increase the grade of cotton.

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