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Grasp the management of autumn, and effectively increase the nutritional reserve of the plants. It is one of the most important technical links in the management of fruit trees in facilities cultivation. First, the early application of base fertilizer due to the installation of fruit trees in advance of the growth period, the early ground temperature is low, the root growth time is short, slow growth, poor absorption capacity of nutrients, base fertilizer application time should be advanced to late summer to early autumn. After this period of application, the rapid root recovery, fertilizer is absorbed and utilized early, can increase the storage of nutrients in the tree and the quality of organ construction, laying a good foundation for the results of flowering in the coming year. Fertilizer applied should be mainly organic fertilizer supplemented with appropriate amount of quick-effect compound fertilizer. Organic manure requirements are fully decomposed in order to exert the fertilizer effect as soon as possible. Fertilizer application amount is about 25% more than open cultivation. Heat water after fertilization, or apply fertilizer before rain. Second, multi-sprayed fertilizer due to the cultivation of fruit trees early planting, leaf growth for a long time, late functional decline and premature aging, it should strengthen the foliar spray fertilizer, improve leaf physiological activity, and enhance its assimilation. After the beginning of autumn, it is usually sprayed once every 10 days or so, and even sprayed 5 to 7 times. Spray fertilizers are mainly composed of amino acid compound micro-fertilizer, iron micro-fertilizer, rare earth micro-fertilizer and other high-activity organic compound liquid fertilizers, and can be used alternately with various fertilizers. Third, the autumn pruning facilities cherry, peach, apricot, grape, plum and other fruit trees, due to the weak early growth photoperiod, coupled with the humidity in the greenhouse, the temperature is high, easily lead to leggy, unstable tree vigor, canopy closure, affect Yield and quality. In the late growth period, the amount of branches and leaves is too large and the ventilation and light transmission are poor, which is not conducive to the accumulation of nutrients. Therefore, completing the annual pruning task in the growing season and reducing the amount of pruning in winter is an effective measure to stabilize the tree potential, strengthen the tree, and improve the nutrient reserve. On the basis of pruning in spring and summer, after appropriate lengthening of shoots from August to September, appropriate upright branches and dense branches were reclaimed, thin and thin branches were retracted, and long fruiting branches were short-cut. At the same time, branch opening angles were adjusted and the branch layout was adjusted. The quantity of foliage and leaves are used rationally to fully improve the ventilation and light transmission conditions of the remaining branches, promote the accumulation of nutrients, and achieve the purpose of strengthening the tree and stabilizing the environment. Fourth, prevent pests and peaches Apricot trees in August to pay attention to the 3rd to 5th generation of leaf miner control, can be sprayed 1 to 2 times 1800 times 25% diflubenzuron 3. In September, the prevention and treatment of leafhoppers could be carried out, and 2,500-fold dilution solutions could be sprayed. Spray 1 or 2 germicides to control leaf disease. After litterfall, litter was promptly removed to reduce the source of disease and reduce the wintering base of pests. Fifth, scientific irrigation and drainage facilities cultivation Fruit trees should be controlled at the late stage of growth irrigation, drought, watering with small water to avoid excessive water. Too many years of autumn rain, we must do a good job of draining water and prevent flooding to prevent leggy due to excessive water and affect the accumulation of nutrients.

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