Breeding methods of southern quail seedlings

Southern locusts are found on the Atlantic coast between North Carolina and North Florida, and on the Atlantic coast of the southern Gulf of Florida, along the southern coast of Texas. In the fall, southern pupal fish migrate to the sea from the estuary or coast. According to the temperature and gonadal development, they can start spawning in December and begin spawning from the end of January to February. After spawning, return to river or brackish water, larvae feed on zooplankton in the coast. After 60d metamorphosis. The Southern Catfish is a world-famous, high-grade fish with a wide temperature range, fast growth, and a large living space. It can be used both in seawater and in freshwater. It is also more resistant to low temperature and high temperature than gum carp. Advantage. The key to seedling rearing technology in the south is to require algae inoculation, green water cultivation, intensive cultivation of rotifers and alfalfa, control of temperature and light, conversion of bait series, gender control during metamorphosis, and control of albinism. . A brief description of the seedling cultivation techniques in the southern part is as follows.
1. Prepare the incubator room incubator room, with the equipment for dental caries incubation, routinely disinfect the water, the water temperature is controlled at 17°C~21°C, and the salinity is 18‰~35‰.
2, Chlorella cultured seawater requires sand filtration, bleaching powder sterilization. Then fertilization, generally applied ammonium sulfate 100g/m3, superphosphate 15 ~ 30g/m3, urea 10 ~ 30g/m3, inoculated inflated, nighttime with fluorescent light to increase light. Temperature control is around 20°C. The chlorella concentration is about 2,000 to 2,500 cells/mL, which is used as a rotifer feed.
3. The density of eggs in hatching southern pupa depends on the state of the water body, which is generally about 250,000 to 350,000 grains/m3. Micro-inflated. According to the temperature, the seedlings can be hatched in about 3 to 5 days.
4. Early larvae (5 to 20 days) were bred and bred by s-type to L-type chlorella. The density was 5 to 10 cells/mL. Chlorella liquid should be regularly added later to keep chlorella in the pool water at 100,000-300,000/mL. Micro-inflated. Before the rotifers were fed, the concentration of 2500 cells/mL Chlorella spp. was increased over 6 h to increase the content of ω3 HUFA in the rotifers.
5. Larval larval rearing (20 ~ 45d) began feeding the fortified Artemia nauplii. Its density is 2-8/mL. Complete metamorphosis at this time, basically close to adult fish. Turn into benthic life. At this time, in order to increase the female rate, the temperature should be controlled at 21°C and the density should be moderate.
6, juvenile fish breeding can be gradually increased with food, in 2 to 3 weeks, the rotifer from 2 to 8 / mL, reduced to zero. With the color of the bait, Artemia nauplii should be the color (orange), particle size 250μm ~ 500μm, with the conversion of bait, its body length is generally 2.5cm.
7. Incubation of juveniles When the juveniles are up to 2.5cm in length, they are screened separately and fed in juvenile fish culture. Copepods were started to be fed, and the dose was 0.5-2/mL. Can also be fed in a suitable amount, the amount of multi-dimensional, fish oil, nutrient requirements protein content of 50% to 55%, fat 6% to 14%.
The above process should be carried out under good water quality conditions, with attention to disease prevention. The amount of aeration increases with the age of the day, changing the water every day, cleaning the dirt.

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