Using Bacterial Biopesticides "Six Taboos"

Bacterial bio-pesticides have the advantages of high insecticidal rate, no pollution to the environment, safety to natural enemies, no harm to humans and animals, and no resistance to pests. It is a new type of protective agent that is popularized and used for pollution-free cultivation because of

Brewers cattle breeding technology

The beer grains are dregs. According to relevant reports, fresh brewers' grains are added to the dairy cow diet instead of corn silage, soybean meal and wheat bran to increase the crude protein content from 35% to 39%, which can significantly increase the daily milk production. Quantity, milk

Four points for bathing sheep

The advantage of taking sheep only after shearing the hair and using a certain concentration of medicinal liquid to make a medicinal bath is an effective way to prevent and treat ectoparasites (especially sheep). In order to ensure its effectiveness, four major requirements are put forward for spe

Rape cultivation and management

Rape is the main oil crop planted by farmers in our town. Based on the practical experience accumulated over the years and combined with the reality of rape planting in our town, we have compiled some technical data on cultivation and management for reference in practice. No-tillage Direct Seedin

Beware of torrential rain causing jaundice colds

More rainstorms have recently occurred in the south. Since the rainwater temperature is lower than the pond water temperature, once the rainwater enters the pond, the water temperature of the breeding pond will mutate. In addition, the lack of dissolved oxygen in the pool after the rain will cause

How to Remove Pesticides from Vegetables and Fruits

1, soaking water washing method: mainly used for leafy vegetables, such as lettuce, cabbage, celery and other cleaning. The surface dirt is generally rinsed off with water. Then soaked in water and soaked for not less than 10 minutes. When necessary, fruit and vegetable cleaning agents can be adde

Crab ecological breeding model

Jintan City, Jincheng town crab farming demonstration households Xiaolong in sets of 100 acres of crab breeding pool set of green shrimp, green shrimp efficiency of 50,000 yuan, since the production of hybrid crab production value of 120,000 yuan, the sale of finished crabs 250,000 yuan, per acre