Spring management tube grape catch five

In the spring, it is the season when the grape sprouts grow and leaves, and the branches spread, heading and flowering. How to strengthen the grape management in spring and increase the grape yield and quality is a common concern for fruit growers. The following aspects are for reference: First, c

Microalgae extract can reduce diastolic blood pressure

Release date: 2007-04-12 Microalgae extract can reduce diastolic blood pressure A substance extracted from microalgae can successfully reduce the diastolic blood pressure of middle-aged people. This substance is the life docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) of Martek (Columbia, MD, USA), a vegetarian for

Causes and prevention of premature bolting of Angelica

1. Reasons why the angelica bolted ahead of time 1.1 The seeds are too full, or they are nursed with seeds that have been bolted ahead of time (commonly known as gunpowder seeds, [flowers] seeds or fire seeds), and are easily bolted before transplanting. According to the experience of farmers, th

The stocking of white shrimp

First, the seedling density The seedling density was comprehensively considered according to shrimp pond water depth, water exchange conditions, aeration facilities, farming methods, seedling size, feed supply, aquaculture production and specifications, equipment and management experience. The ap

Earthen pond closed shrimp farming mode

In order to prevent the outbreak of the outbreak of the shrimp virus, some farms have explored breeding methods such as high-range shrimp farming, brine-to-freshwater shrimp farming, and industrialized shrimp farming. However, due to the large investment, many farms (households) are difficult to us

Fermenting agent's operating skills

Skills for Fermenting Fertilizer Fertilizer Fermenting bacteria are usually in micrometers in diameter and are virtually invisible to the naked eye. These little ones are not difficult to "serve", but they are not allowed to operate, and they may also work well for healthy and strong peo

Loach breeding and seed breeding techniques

Loach is a widely distributed freshwater economic fish. It has strong adaptability to the environment, a wide range of feed sources, and is easy to manage. It is easy to breed and can be raised in ponds, potholes, and paddy fields. It is a gateway to family development in rural areas. Loach is a b

Conservation Tillage: New Dryland Farming Technology

First, what is conservation tillage? Conservation tillage is a new type of tillage technology that is comparable to traditional tillage. It is defined as: Covering the surface with a large amount of straw residues, reducing tillage to ensure that the seeds germinate, and a farming technique that

Breeding methods of southern quail seedlings

Southern locusts are found on the Atlantic coast between North Carolina and North Florida, and on the Atlantic coast of the southern Gulf of Florida, along the southern coast of Texas. In the fall, southern pupal fish migrate to the sea from the estuary or coast. According to the temperature and go

Bullfrog breeding, egg hatching

First, the breeding of bullfrogs 1. Identification and selection of male and female frogs: Male and female bullfrogs that reach sexual maturity are clearly different in appearance. The tympanic membrane diameter of the male bullfrog is significantly larger than the diameter of the eye; for the for