Winter fruit trees should be ordered

Winter cuts for fruit trees must not only be fine, but also follow certain procedures. In order to achieve the desired purpose, the branch can be kept intact. First, a pruning plan should be formulated according to the tree potential. Before each tree is cut, a reasonable pruning plan should be de

Loach breeding and seed breeding

Mudworms have strong adaptability to the environment, and they have a wide source of feed. They can be cultured in ponds, pit boxes, and paddy fields. Loach is a small benthic economic fish that matures at the second instar and begins to spawn. The mature female has a large abdomen with a round pe

Spring Cat Management

Spring is the season of estrus and moulting, and management should pay attention to this feature. Although the cat can be estrus all year round, most of the estrus are in early spring (January to March). Due to the increased activity of the estrus mother cats, the spirit is excited, the performance

Store freshness tips

1. Chinese cabbage preservation method. Take a hearty Chinese cabbage, cut a big hole in the root of Chinese cabbage with a kitchen knife, and pour the cabbage heart out. Then, the leeks that can not be eaten are selected and then placed in the interior of the cabbage without washing, and then cove

Winter breeding of meat pigeons

In winter, although the meat pigeon has strong cold resistance, the low temperature has a great influence on the growth and health of the pigeon. Therefore, doing a good job of winter feeding management is the key to the development of meat pigeon production. First, to keep warm and cold One must p

Winter spring sugarcane to prevent pineapple disease

Pineapple disease occurs in every sugarcane province in China and is an important disease of sugarcane seedlings. In addition to making it impossible for the next kind of sugarcane to sprout, it can also cause rot in the cellar cane species. At present, in China's sugar cane disease, pineapple

Tips to increase rapeseed oil yield by 25%

Rapeseed oil output is generally only 30%. Use the following tips to increase oil yield by 25%. Sieve sand will absorb oil during processing and reduce the oil yield of rapeseed. Sand should be sieved before processing. Controlling the fire generally uses pans to cook the rapeseed, all of which are

Why is cotton resistant to locusts?

The transgenic insect-resistant cotton planted in China today is mainly resistant to the pests of the order Pestoptera. The insect resistance of these cottons benefits from the introduction of exogenous BT or BT+CPTI insect-resistant genes, which in addition to their resistance to Helicoverpa armig

New technology changes ricegrass to bioenergy

A few days ago, it was learned from related departments that research projects on the technology of rice, grass, electricity and heat that were co-authored by the Shandong University and other organizations passed the appraisal. This means that planted rice grass, which has been included in the fir

Main special aquaculture cultivation in China

1 Economic Medicinal Animals At present, China has artificially cultivated and has a certain number of varieties: plum antler, red deer, small tail Han sheep, inner dog, meat rabbit, miniature pig, pig, rat, coypu, civet, bamboo Rats, snakes, crickets, etc. Since deer and red deer have hit Chinese