Storage and preservation of Chinese herbal medicines

After the Chinese herbal medicines are harvested and processed, they must be scientifically packaged and stored in time to ensure their efficacy, quality and value. Otherwise, if the packaging is improperly stored, it will cause worms, mildew, spoilage, deterioration, deterioration, etc. phenomenon

The Prevention of Late Rice Rice Planthoppers

Rice planthopper is a kind of migratory pest, which has the characteristics of long distance migration and cluster damage rice fields. In recent years, the frequency and the damage caused by rice planthoppers in late rice have been particularly prominent and have become one of the major pests of la

Piglets fed ginger pigs have a high survival rate

Giving ginger a suitable amount of sows can increase the survival rate of piglets, and the piglets are robust, strong and fast. The method is: In the two weeks before the sow gave birth, 0.5 kilograms of ginger are crushed, ginger soup 1.5 to 2 kilograms, 3 to 4 times can be mixed into the sow feed

How to solve the fault of the electrical system

Faults in tractor electrical systems, whether they occur on the road or electrical equipment, are generally caused by short-circuit or open circuit causes. The phenomena and diagnostic methods are as follows. 1. Short circuit fault (1) Short-circuit fault phenomenon and cause When a partial short

Fresh peas autumn broadcast technology

Fresh sowing peas in spring have a short growth period and are planted in the middle or early September. The picking at the beginning of November will not only help improve the land multiple cropping index, but also effectively use the light and temperature resources before the winter, and the mark