Classification and Control of Vegetable Diseases and Pests

Distinction between ticks and viral diseases Apes are generally parasitic on the back of vegetables. The leaves of the affected young leaves are rolled down, the leaves become smaller and darker, the texture becomes harder, thicker and brittle, and the plants grow poorly. When the virus disease dam

The purchase of small tractors

Miniature tractors are the most widely used agricultural power machinery in the vast rural areas and are responsible for a large number of production tasks such as farmland cultivation and rural transportation. Many farmers are going to buy a small tractor. This article briefly introduces the purch

Pepper root disease prevention

Pepper can be used as medicine and it is a good seasoning product. Cultivation of peppers in front of houses in terraces and terraces on dry slopes is a good way for farmers to get rich. However, pepper is prone to root disease during cultivation, and the disease is a disease caused by fungal infec

Fertility beads were transplanted at late autumn

In late autumn, the water temperature is generally between 18 and 26°C, which is the best time for the implementation of the implantation of YUSP. In this stage of surgery, the tendon wounds are easily healed, which is beneficial to the formation of pearl sac and the secretion of nacre. The smal

How to choose a high quality tractor

First, we must first consider the following points when purchasing 1, their own economic capabilities. When purchasing a tractor, it is necessary to consider the use of the tractor according to its economic affordability, whether it is for personal use or making money, or both, and whether the natu

Facilities fruit trees heavy autumn tube

Grasp the management of autumn, and effectively increase the nutritional reserve of the plants. It is one of the most important technical links in the management of fruit trees in facilities cultivation. First, the early application of base fertilizer due to the installation of fruit trees in advan

Lawn planting and maintenance technology

The turf flower is also called the wildflower combination. It originated from the countries where the western turf industry developed earlier. It is made up of dozens of annual, biennial, and perennial wildflower seeds. Most of its annual wildflowers have the ability to be seeded, broadcast, and pe

麝 (獐子) Feed Management Technology

The wolfberry, also known as wolfberry fruit, is a valuable medicinal animal. It is a valuable decoction of the secretion of the male scent gland sac. It has the functions of aromatherapy, activating meridians, activating blood circulation, relieving pain, detoxifying and detoxifying, excreting phl