Capture and domestication of wild bamboo rat

The capture of wild bamboo rats is one of the effective ways to develop special breeding in rural areas. Now the author's experience in this area to make some introductions to you: First, the capture of the wild bamboo rat 1. Looking for the target bamboo rat generally like to live in a fine ba

How to fight drought drought

How to fight drought drought According to the climate convention, the city will enter Mei on June 14 and Mei on July 8 with a rainfall of more than 200 millimeters. The proper temperature and abundant rain will help most crops grow. On June 10 of this year, Mei Mei entered a time without a few drop

Mung bean's comprehensive processing technology

First, green bean juice: 50 kilograms of fresh mung beans, clean with tap water, add 250 kilograms of water, precooked, boiled until the green beans just cooked without flowering. Then use gauze to filter out the soup, add 100 kg of white sugar, heat it to dissolve, then filter it once, re-boil it

Rice-duck ecological breeding technology

Rice-duck eco-planting techniques refer to the rearing of rice in paddy field and the stocking of a certain number of wild ducks. Without the use of chemical pesticides, the use of rice resistance, rice beneficial organisms, biological pesticides, etc. to control the pests of rice fields To achieve

Pro-shelled turtle calcium spawning

Turtle rely on spawning to breed offspring. Its egg shells are rich in calcium. If the body of the pro-shelled turtle lacks calcium, it will produce soft-shelled eggs, and the soft-shelled eggs will be easily damaged, and they will not be able to hatch a robust juvenile. Turtle production will be e

Fengzhi 98 (sesame)

"Fengzhi 98" is a new sesame variety developed by Hefei Fengle Seed Co., Ltd. using ion beam mutagenesis technology. This breed combines high yield, high quality, disease resistance, resistance to lodging, and wide adaptability. Characteristic characteristics of single stalk type, plant h

Natural fruit and vegetable chips processing technology

Natural vegetable and fruit chips are pure natural foods that are made of fresh vegetables or fruits and dehydrated by vacuum at low temperatures. They are now widely found in fast food restaurants, entertainment halls, banquets, tourism and children's food supplements, and supplementary foods

Digging a new method for storing grain

Now we introduce a cellar storage method that does not occupy space, is safe and convenient, and has the advantages of rat-proofing, pest control, etc. First, dig pits. Choose a place with high topography, dryness, and sunny location as a pit site. Dig the pit into a pour-glass cup with a small mou

Common mistakes to avoid in farm machine operations

1. Start to pick up the clutch The locomotive should slowly release the clutch pedal when starting, while increasing the throttle appropriately. Otherwise, it will cause impact on the clutch assembly and transmission parts, and even damage. 2. Long-term pedal clutch pedals Some riders in the locomo

Planting two sticky corns a year

The cultivation techniques are as follows: 1. Select the appropriate variety. Should choose a short period of fertility, the quality of sticky fine new varieties of tannins. Haiyu Agro-Technology Station has been planted with Xiyujing No.1, which has been broadcast for 115 days in spring and 95 day

Maize micronutrient symptoms and remedy

In the process of growth and development of corn, in addition to the three major nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, but also boron, zinc, manganese, molybdenum and other trace elements. Although these microelements are used in small quantities, their role is irreplaceable. No matter which e