Using "Cao Fang" to formulate pesticides

First, corpse preparations, insect pests. Collect cabbage pests, ground tigers, and other pests in the vegetable garden and pound it into pulp. After immersing it in 100 ml of water for 1 day, remove the residue, add 50 kg of water, add a small amount of washing powder, and mix thoroughly until it is properly blended. "Medicine." Sprayed on vegetables that are attacked by similar pests, the insects refuse to eat due to odor, and the kill rate can reach more than 50%. Second, leaf insecticide, simple and easy. With fresh eucalyptus leaves or skunk leaf 1 kg pounded, add the same amount of water for one day, filtered to the residue, add 50 kg of water spray, can control cabbage caterpillar, aphids and so on. Third, onion, garlic, chili insecticide obvious. Take 50 grams of onions, garlic, and pepper, mix and mash, wrap with gauze, soak in 15 kilograms of water for 24 hours, spray with leaching solution, can effectively control locusts, spider mites. Fourth, "sugar cannonballs" trap and kill pests. Use 0.5 kg of brown sugar, 1 kg of vinegar, add 10 kg of water, mix and stir, and then add appropriate amount of insecticide. Fraction pots are placed in vegetable fields, and the attractiveness of adult insects such as cabbage caterpillar is extremely strong, which can reduce the risk of larvae. V. "Play (gray) residual heat" can also cure pests. With 10 kg of grass ash plus 50 kg of water, soaked for 24 hours, the filtrate was sprayed to prevent aphids. At the same time, onions, garlic, leeks are endangered by seed flies and onion flies, which can spread 30-50 kilograms of ash per acre, which can prevent worms and increase yields. The effect is obvious. Six, potassium permanganate, soaking seed spray more than one purpose. Using a 0.2% potassium permanganate dilution solution, soaking for 20 minutes, and washing with water, can kill pathogenic bacteria carried by the seeds and reduce pathogenic bacteria in later stages. With 600 ~ 1000 times potassium permanganate solution spray, every 5 to 6 days spray 1, even spray 2 to 3 times, can effectively control melon powdery mildew and crop seedling damping off, root rot. Seven, baking soda, show their talents. Spraying with 0.2% baking soda (100g of baking soda and 50kg of water) was effective in control of cucumber, cabbage powdery mildew, anthracnose, downy mildew, and gray mold.

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