Beware of the scion grafted cucumber during scion period

Recently, when reporters interviewed a small shop village in Sunjiaji Street, Shouguang City, many farmers reported to reporters that, in the recent period, the cucumbers in the sheds were growing poorly, and the cucumbers they left were not bright. Slowly, in addition, there are rot and dead trees.

After investigating the reporter's investigation, they found that their cucumbers were connected, and now they have adventitious roots on the scion, and the diseased plants are infected with adventitious roots.

According to the analysis of the reporter, there are three reasons for grafting the cucumber into the squash stage: the first step is to bury the grafted seedlings before planting the cucumber and then removing the roots or cutting off the roots. The pods are too deep and cause the scion to touch the ground, and then take root; the third is that after the cucumber enters the nectar period, with the increase in the number of vines, the vines come into contact with the surface, and the high-humidity environment encourages the scion cucumber to take root again. This stage, once grafted cucumber scion and then take root, not only affect the growth of cucumber, the quality of melons is reduced, and the ground temperature is low in winter, under the mulch, the environment of low temperature and high humidity can easily lead scion of cucumber and other root diseases such as wilt, lose the significance of grafting .

Here, the reporter reminded the vegetable farmer to pay attention to prevent the grafted cucumber from scioning and then take root. Preventive measures, rely on grafted seedlings after planting before hanging vines, an early thorough root-removing treatment, after the fall of vines, the use of sticks or bamboo vines can be placed on top of the film on the stalks of cucumber, to avoid vines exposed to the surface Take root again. If farmers now find that their own scion cucumber has taken root, it is recommended that they be cut off again. Remind the farmers that in order to prevent wilting of cucumber plants after root cutting, they can choose to perform root treatment after 3 pm and then spray the roots of cucumbers with prophylactic agents, such as chlorothalonil and streptomycin, to prevent roots from forming wounds. Reinfection of diseases.

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