Chrysanthemum wilt disease prevention

Fusarium wilt is one of the most important diseases of chrysanthemum. It occurs in many areas of our country. Although the incidence of the disease is not high, it is extremely harmful. Once the plants become infected, if the control measures are not timely, it will cause the plants to die quickly

There are six errors in eating eggs

According to experts, there are still many misunderstandings in the daily life of people who eat eggs. Misunderstanding 1: Red shell eggs are better than white shell eggs Many people only buy red shells when they buy eggs. They say that red shell eggs have high nutritional value. In fact, this i

Beware of the scion grafted cucumber during scion period

Recently, when reporters interviewed a small shop village in Sunjiaji Street, Shouguang City, many farmers reported to reporters that, in the recent period, the cucumbers in the sheds were growing poorly, and the cucumbers they left were not bright. Slowly, in addition, there are rot and dead tree

Precautions for Phosphorus Fertilizer in Vegetables

There are many kinds of phosphate fertilizers with different properties. In order to achieve a good yield increase effect of phosphate fertilizer, in addition to using improved varieties and advanced cultivation techniques, appropriate varieties of phosphate fertilizer should be selected according

Chinese herbal medicine breeding 3 methods

I. Seed breeding Herbal seed propagation is the most common. The technique of seed breeding is simple, which is conducive to domestication and breeding of new varieties. However, the progeny of seed breeding are prone to variation, and the flowering and fruiting are delayed. In particular, the ti

Using "Cao Fang" to formulate pesticides

First, corpse preparations, insect pests. Collect cabbage pests, ground tigers, and other pests in the vegetable garden and pound it into pulp. After immersing it in 100 ml of water for 1 day, remove the residue, add 50 kg of water, add a small amount of washing powder, and mix thoroughly until it

New Apple Red - Apple's upstart in the cold

The new apple red can resist the extreme temperature of minus 43 degrees. 3 fruit a pound, fruit surface naturally smooth pink red (similar to Galli fruit) free bagging, the province of artificial, growing strong, about 10,000 kilograms per mu, 4 years of production, 5 years of high yield. Xinping

The initial management of cucumber is critical

The first is to strengthen the control of temperature and light. After the cucumber enters the initial period, the nutrients produced by the plant not only supply the growth of stems and leaves, but also supply fruit growth. Therefore, we must try to increase the photosynthetic efficiency of cucum

How to ensure safe winter vines

1. Grasp the Cold Resistance of Grapevines Only by knowing the temperature indicators of vine damage can one get a good idea. When the ground temperature at the grape roots drops below -6°C, the root system will suffer from various degrees of frost damage; when it falls below -8°C, it will be

Planting jujube must pay attention

First, choose a good cultivation of jujube trees adaptability is relatively strong, the soil conditions are not strict requirements, localities can make full use of wasteland and saline land (total soil salt content can not exceed 0.35%) for cultivation. However, in order to achieve higher economi