Correct use of piggyback compression sprayer

When fruit trees and crops are sprayed to prevent pests and diseases, medicinal liquids are sprayed to spray liquids with fine droplets, covering a large area, and the chances of contact between liquid particles and diseases and insect pests are significantly increased. Labor and medicine are save

Causes of leaf yellow shedding in Milan in summer

In the summer, Milan is in a busy season. It should be green and green, but why is it yellow? The reason: 1 Milan, which is placed outdoors, often suffers from excessive wetness in pots and soils, poor drainage, and excessive watering or rain, causing water retention and causing fallen leaves. 2

Prevention of Stem Nematodiasis of Sweet Potato

1. Strengthen the quarantine of seed potatoes and potato seedlings. The quarantine of seed potatoes and potato seedlings shall be effectively carried out, seedling seedlings in the wards shall not be transferred to disease-free areas, and the introduction of suspected seed potato seedlings shall b

Grape ripening after berry softening

After the grapes enter the softening period of the berry, ripening is performed using the following four methods, so that the fruits can be matured in advance for about 10 days, and the yield is improved, the quality is better, and the benefit is increased. 1. Increased cultivator: The softening

Six misunderstandings of applying urea

Urea contains 46% nitrogen and is the most used chemical nitrogen fertilizer in rural areas. According to the author's understanding, some peasant friends are still unclear about the nature of urea and there are still six misunderstandings in use. Misunderstanding 1: Urea mixed with carbon am

How to maintain the corn combine

1. Clean up dust, stems and leaves, and other attachments left by your corn combine before daily work. 2. Check the connection of each component and tighten it if necessary. Check the blades of the comminution device, the squeegee and the slats of the conveyor, and pay attention to the fixation o

Potato Production Mechanization Technology

The large potato planting area has brought difficulties to planting and harvesting. The peasants are eager to use machinery instead of the arduous draught or small-scale farming machines, the traditional seeding methods of artificial seeding, and the traditional harvesting methods such as manual e

US launches new online RIS system

Release date: 2009-07-07 A new web-based radiology information system (RIS), after adding a variety of existing information, enables hospitals to obtain reports of patient information more securely, at any time and anywhere. Healthcare providers can now choose to use RIS for information exchang

Ecological Fermentation Bed Chicken Benefits

Ecological Fermentation Bed Chicken Benefits Ecological fermentation bed has the following effects: 1. Deodorizing and environment-friendly microorganisms decompose the excreta within 2-3 days (completed in a matter of hours), the chicken rings become clean and free of flies, the environment is

The choice of species

鹧鸪4 months and 5 months of age reach sexual maturity, and females are 2 weeks to 4 weeks older than males. The species should be selected for those healthy individuals that meet the characteristics of the product. The breeding crickets selected from the breeding bred in that year can gene

Prevention of planthoppers against corn rough dwarf

The corn roughage virus is mainly transmitted by Laodelphax striatellus in a persistent manner. In the corn areas where there are few rice fields, when wheat is harvested, it is mainly moved into cornfields and grass weeds to cause harm and overflood. At this time, it is the sensitive period of sum

Why does the straw mushroom have a lot of ghost umbrellas?

The reason for the occurrence of a large number of comatus in the straw mushroom is that the coprinus is more capable of using the nitrogen source than the straw mushroom, especially the ability of using inorganic nitrogen and utilizing free nitrogen is greatly stronger than straw mushroom. Therefo