Apple rot control measures

[Introduction to Disease] Apple rot disease is the main disease that damages apple branches and is one of the serious diseases in apple production, threatening apple production. Apple rot disease mainly damages branches and rarely causes damage to fruit. Damaged on the thick branches, forming a red

Breeding Technology of Precious Economic Animals

Also known as the gecko, it is a rare wild economic animal. The dried wolfberry products are famous herbs both at home and abroad, and they are also the main raw materials for the preparation of proprietary Chinese medicines such as wolfberry essence, alcoholism, and wolfberry Dabu pills. It has th

Mastering the method of making silage fermentation feed

Mastering methods for making silage fermentation feed Grasses, legumes, and many other green manures can be used as silage. Not only improve the quality but also fully improve the utilization. It is very cost-effective in the current situation where feed is expensive and scarce. So how can we impro

What is organic seed

Organic seeds are crop seeds that are produced exclusively for organically grown farms or customers and do not use chemical treatments (NCT) at all. In recent years, organic cultivation has developed rapidly in European countries. Organic seed production is somewhat different from conventional see

How much is needed for cotton fertilizer?

Cotton is a full-nutrition crop, but it is also a crop that requires a large amount of fertilizer and requires a relatively high fertilization technology. According to the study, for every 100 kilograms of lint produced, 10 to 18.5 kilograms of nitrogen, 3.5 to 6 kilograms of phosphorus (P2O5), and

Jasmine and Its Cultivation Management

【Profile】 Jasmine, also known as jasmine, is a genus of rosaceae in the family Oleaceae. Jasmine green leaves, white flowers, rich aroma, is the most common aromatic potted plants. Jasmine is native to India and Arabia. The central production area is near the Persian Gulf and is now w

Making citron sauce

Toona sinensis buds are fragrant, tender and unique in taste, and are deeply loved by consumers. They are traditional high-quality, high-end seasoning vegetables in China. The following describes the processing technology of savory sauce. First, the process: raw materials → selection â†

What are the uses of Rose Hydrosol?

What are the uses of Rose Hydrosol? Rose Hydrosol, pleasant fragrance, is a very good skin care product, mainly used for whitening, replenishing and emollient. It can increase the vitality of skin, regulate, repair, moisturize, anti-allergy, and skin-protecting effects. It can be applied to any sk

Peppercorn Spring and Summer Management Five Points

The spring and summer management of pepper has an important role in its growth and fruitfulness. It should mainly grasp the following five aspects: Soil fertilization and foliar spraying are top dressing 2 times in spring and summer. The first time in late April or early May, topdressing human and