Key points of storage and preservation of bananas

Bananas have two stages of maturity and ripening. In the ripening stage, starch is mainly accumulated. In the ripening stage, the starch is mainly hydrolyzed into sugar, the taste becomes sweet, the color becomes yellow, and the texture becomes soft. (I) Storage conditions 1. The suitable tempera

Cell: RNA Pathway for Plant Gene Silencing

Biologists at Washington University in St. Louis have made major breakthroughs in understanding the ways in which plant cells use short fragments of RNA to silence unnecessary or extra genes. Basically, as the old saying says, seeing is true, they have been able to see where and how this pathway t

Meat dog captive technology

(1) The selection of the dog bar can be made using a house with sunlight and good ventilation. General length 12 meters, width 10 meters, height 2.5 to 3 meters is appropriate. The interior is covered with a layer of sandstone, and the side corners are made of wooden blocks to make it easier to sl

Winter cattle cold allocation technology

1 The purpose of the winter cold cattle allocation in the past is limited to the warm season of April-October. People think that winter is not suitable for cold and winter mating in autumn and winter in the coming winter. Yak is not well fed and growth is slow. Therefore, the cows that make the est

Four Ways to Prevent Death of Straw Mushrooms

First, bad ventilation: In the 4 days of sowing, pay attention to regular ventilation (about 30 minutes a day). When the film is peeled off after 4 days, a small bamboo stick should be used to evenly vent some air holes to the stockpile to promote normal budding of mycelium and normal growth of the

Fox five-stage management efficient breeding technology

Scientifically raising foxes should be based on breeding fine varieties. The level of fertility and the quality of daily feeding and management are the key links in the size of aquaculture benefits. The following describes the five-stage feeding method for the reference of the Fox family. Under th

Pressure cooker for roast duck

Pressure cookers make roast duck comparable to "Beijing Roast Duck". The raw material formula is one Beijing duck (about 2.5 kg). Soy sauce, Shaoxing rice wine amount. Tools: A 24 cm pressure cooker. Production Method 1. Wash the Beijing duck, remove the internal organs and duck gizza

7CC-2 push-pull retractable bale transporter

7CC-2 type push-pull retractable bale transporter is a kind of transport vehicle for timely pulling away the bales tied into the round tie baling machine (grass bales and cultivating the trenches and cultivating the trenches as early as possible). The vehicle is hooked behind the bottom shaft of th

Salmon feed formula

Carp is a carnivorous fish and prefers to eat small fish, shrimp, crabs, snails, clams, cockroaches, rotifers, aquatic insects, and carcasses of terrestrial animals. Once food is scarce, they will kill each other. The feeding habit of squid has obvious stages. The white larvae mainly eat rotifers,

Peanut middling management skills

Mid-term management drought relief. From late July to early August, the peak period of fruit formation and soil penetration is the critical period of peanut water requirement. The most drought-tolerant stage is drought. In case of drought, it must be watered in a timely manner. The watering can be

Chinese herbal medicine origin processing technology

After the harvest of Chinese herbal medicines, with the exception of a few species for fresh use, most medicinal herbs must undergo preliminary processing at the place of production, otherwise it will seriously affect the quality of medicinal herbs. There are many kinds of Chinese herbal medicines

Daily management of rural long-haired rabbits

First, the winter does not leave the green, the summer does not leave the fine: In the summer to prepare and feed the fine material, supplements the energy and the protein, guarantees that the summer does not leave fine. In winter, we must plant overwintering pastures, carrots and other winter vege