Silkworm sand feeding livestock and poultry six methods

The nutritional value of silkworm sand is very high, crude protein content is 15.4%, second only to bran, higher than rice bran and grass, is a very good feed for livestock and poultry. Feeding livestock and poultry with silkworm sand often receives good results.
First, silkworm sand feeding pigs can save a lot of fine feed, pigs gain weight quickly in the unit time, the slaughter rate is high. Sows after the silkworm excrement, milk secretion increased.
Second, the secretion of silkworm sand-fed sheep's milk increased, the amount of wool produced was more, and the sheep's hair was as long as 14 cm.
Third, the silkworm sand feeding cows can make the cattle more resistant to physical strain.
Fourth, silkworm sand fed rabbit fat accumulation of more fat, less water content.
Fifth, silkworm sand fed chicken Add 5% of silkworm sand in the chicken's feed. It has obvious effects on the color of egg yolk.
Sixth, silkworm sand feeding fish disease is less, fast growth, per 1,000 kg of silkworm sand, can produce 100 kilograms of fresh fish.
Although the nutritional value of fresh silkworm sand is high, it cannot be stored for a long period of time and it is easy to spoil and mold. In order to use for a long time, the silkworm sand should be dried to make the moisture content below 15%, or it should be silaged with large cylinders, cement pools, etc., and be tightly packed and compacted to promote the use of lactic acid fermentation. At the same time, it should be noted that the silkworm sand generally contains the source of the disease that causes silkworm, and the silkworm sand used as feed should be kept away from the silkworm.

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