Cosmos flower seeds harvested fresh

[Other middle names] Eight-petal chrysanthemum, cosmos, gerbera, autumn English, autumn cherry, broom plum, marigold 【Genus】 Asteraceae autumn genus 【Place of origin】 Mexico 【Family characteristics】 Cosmos is an annual herb. Plant height 120 to 150 cm. Achenes are born in flower heads, long spindles, 8 to 12 mm long, gray-brown, mature from October to frost.
[seed harvesting] The harvested part is the head of cosmos. When it fades, it can be cut after most of the achenes are black, and after drying, the seeds are screened.
[Grading] The harvested seeds should be graded before ensuring the cleanliness of the variety, normal water content, and no foreign matter pollution: the germination rate of the first seed is ≥98%; the germination rate of the second seed is ≥95%; The germination rate of seeds is ≥92%. At the time of use, the germination rate of all levels of seeds is allowed to be below 5% of the corresponding standard.
[Packaging] Cosmos seeds have a larger particle size and weigh 5.4 grams. More moisture-proof paper bags are used as internal packaging; printed paper bags are used as external packaging. Be careful not to mix with seeds of other grades or varieties during operation. Wholesale equipment: 500-700 grams of seeds within the Sheng; retail equipment: Sheng Sheng seeds 0.1 to 0.2 grams.
[Storage Management] The seeds can be stored in a dry, dark place, well-ventilated, and at an ambient temperature of 10 to 15°C.
[Storing period] According to the above method, the seeds of cosmos can usually be stored for 1 to 2 years and the germination rate is maintained.
[Gardening Application] Cosmos is more resistant to drought and barren land. It is a good material for flowering and can also be used as a cut flower.
[Suggestions for Delivery] Propagation of cosmos with sowing is conducted mainly from March to May each year. Its seeds should be listed in advance.

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