How to raise hens in autumn

Replace the transition material The 20-week-old hens were switched to pre-lay egg feed with a calcium content of 1% and crude protein of 16.5%. To gradually replace, when the egg production rate reaches 2% to 6%, the feed calcium should be 3.4% to 3.5%, with crude protein should reach 18%. Stric

Water and fertilizer management of melon in protected areas

Apply base fertilizer, fine soil preparation, squatting to be leveled, so that after the irrigation, evenly set the plants, and then use the seedlings and vines to maintain high soil moisture and a certain air temperature to promote the development of stalks. The large leaf area ensures a strong g

Maize ear management manages four levels

A period of time from the jointing of the corn to the tasseling is called the period of the ear. Fertility characteristics at this stage are: vegetative growth and reproductive growth go hand in hand, leaves increase, elongation of stem sections, nutrient growth, while the male and female spikes a

Reasonable fertilization method for hanging pot plants

Fertilization is another common problem that large potted plants need to pay attention to in addition to water management during summer. Most consumers simply do not fertilize or the amount of fertilizer applied does not meet the normal growth of plants. This article will give professional guidance

How to prevent and cure heatstroke in rabbits

Rabbits suffer from heat stroke in the hot summer months, often due to hot weather, rabbit house damp, poor ventilation, homes are too crowded, lack of drinking water, direct sunlight and incidence. Symptoms Rabbits lack of energy, loss of appetite, erratic gait, congested mouth, conjunctiva, ele

Watermelon production and sweetening have a coup

First, increase boron fertilizer According to the test, the application of boron fertilizer in watermelon, melon vine without the application of boron fertilizer 0.24 meters longer, flowering 3 days in advance, the rate increased by 7.4%, 11.7% increase in yield, sweetening 0.7 degrees. Boron fert


The apricot has the characteristics of strong resistance, easy management, low investment and quick effect, and the almond has high nutritional value and medicinal value. The market is in short supply and the development prospect is broad. In recent years, the scale of development in northern Chin

Stropharia species introduction

Stropharia rugosannularis (Stropharia rugosannulata), also known as the wrinkled globe cap mushroom, Spherical gigant mushroom, Rhizopus bulbous mushroom, belongs to the basidiomycotina, lamellar flora, agaricus, Stropharia, Stropharia. Stropharia globosa is mainly distributed in temperate regions


Standard Name: European Red Pine Scientific name: P.sylvestris English name: Scotch pine ; Europian red wood ; Sosna (USSR) ;Lapp Pinus Origin: widely distributed in Europe, Central Asia and Siberia Growing in Northern Europe, it is the world's most conducive place for the growth of high-q