Chemical weeding must pay attention to the problem

The method of application should be accurate. Do liquid mixing, spraying the field evenly and thoughtfully, to fill with small droplets of liquid and liquid droplets is not appropriate, the higher the atomizer atomization effect is better. Generally 667 square meters of water for 30 to 40 kg, the a

Application of genetic engineering technology in food

Biotechnology has a long history of use in food. With the vigorous development of biotechnology, it has made a tremendous contribution to the promotion of food development. The development of genetic engineering technology in recent years has provided new opportunities for food development, and has

Pots and roots for potted fruit trees

Potted fruit trees are easy to breed, low in cost, beautiful in shape, fruit and fruit, and long in sight. They are often used in environmental greening and interior decoration and are loved by many families. Potted fruit trees Due to the limited volume of the container, after a period of growth, t

Fresh-cut technology of rose cut flowers

The rose scientific name Rosa cvs, alias modern rose, four seasons flowers, is a rose family of Rosaceae. It is listed as one of the world's top five cut flowers. Up to now, rose cultivars have reached more than 30,000, including the major floral rose, the Fenghua rose, the potted rose, the cut

Five methods for strawberry food processing

Strawberry is bright red, rich in aroma, juicy and sweet, rich in nutrients, and has the effect of eliminating stomach and promoting appetite. However, strawberries are berry, which is inconvenient for transportation and difficult to store. Therefore, the development and processing of it into a str

Leek seedling fertilization technology

After the selection of the leek breeding grounds, deep plowing in the winter before the winter, full base fertilizer in the early spring, acres of fully applied rot about 5,000 kilograms of organic fertilizer, plowing so that the soil and fertilizer mix evenly, leveling the ground, do 畦, ç

Excellent feeding effect for milk cows

Increasing the nutrient supply during the lactation period of the cow increases the cow's lactation. Specific practice cows 15-20 days after delivery, according to feeding standards, and another daily increase of 1-2 kg of mixed concentrates as a pre-paid feed to increase milk production. After

Starter motor common fault analysis

Starter motors are used as starting devices for engines and are widely used in tractors, combine harvesters, automobiles and other motor vehicles. The common failures of starter motors are analyzed below and are for reference only. The operation of the starter motor depends not only on the starter

The processing and use of pearls

Pearl aphid is a rare wild economic animal that combines edible game, medicinal, fur, ornamental, experimental animals and cosmetics raw materials. With its fast growth rate, high reproduction rate, easy breeding, and high survival rate, it has become a good breeding project for people to become ri