Asparagus pest control

The main diseases are: 1 Brown spot disease occurs in the late July to mid-September when the temperature is particularly high. On the surface of the stem of the diseased plant, many brown and narrow lesions are formed on the stem surface, and the leaves turn yellow, followed by defoliation, which

Eucommia summer breeding method

High-altitude slats are planted each year from June to July. In high-quality plants, 2-3 years old, about 1 cm in diameter, are selected as high-pressure twigs, and about 15 cm from the high-pressure twigs are selected as high-pressure dents. The skin is peeled off with a knife, and the width is ab

Four season red carambola cultivation management

Four Season Red Carambola was introduced in Malaysia and is now successfully planted in a large area in Hongyang Farm, Huazhou City. Compared with carambola in the field, this variety has the characteristics of short cycle, quick effect, large fruit, high yield, good taste and high nutrition, and i

Crabs fall into the autumn to prevent death

Every fall, the crabs have entered the season of maturation and harvest, and they have also entered the stage of death. If you do not pay attention to strengthening management, there may be significant losses due to batch death of crabs. How to prevent the autumn death of crabs? This is to proceed