Rotary cultivator fault diagnosis method

1. Rotary cultivator overload. Cause: Excessive ploughing, heavy soil, and excessive hardness. Exclusion: It can reduce deep plowing and reduce the unit forward speed and coulter speed.

2. The rotavator leaps when working. Cause: The soil is hard or the blade is not installed correctly. Exclusion: It can reduce the forward speed of the unit and the speed of the coulter and install the blade correctly.

3. Rotary cultivators intermittently throw large clods. Cause: Blade bent, blade broken, missing, or severely worn. Exclusion: The blade can be corrected or replaced.

4. Rotation of the ground after the undulating. Reason: The forward speed of the unit is not properly matched with the spindle speed. Exclusion: The speed between the two can be adjusted appropriately.

5. The coulter gearbox has noise. Cause: Foreign matter has fallen during installation, or tooth damage has occurred due to bearings and gears. Remedy: Try to remove foreign objects or replace bearings or gears.

6. Rotary cultivators work with metal knocks. Reason: After the drive chain is too loose, it will collide with the transmission body; the blade, left arm or transmission case on both sides of the coulter shaft will collide with each other after being deformed; or the blade fixing screws will loosen. Exclusion: Check the adjustment of the tension of the drive chain, correct or replace the severely deformed parts, and tighten the loosening screws.

7. Rotary cultivator coulter shaft does not move. Cause: The gear or bearing is dead; the deformation of the left arm or gearbox deformation coulter shaft is bent; the drive chain is broken or the coulter shaft is wrapped around the mud. Exclusion: It can correct, repair or replace serious deformation, damage parts, remove the mud and mud.

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