Knowledge of the storage of agricultural machinery

Due to seasonal restrictions on agricultural machinery, the working time is short each year. For example, planters, harvesters, etc. only work for more than ten days in one year. The storage time for parking is long. If not properly maintained, the machine will be damaged during parking. Far more

Captive ducks pay attention to

The scientific ingredients for ducks and ducks feed mainly on cereals, accounting for 50% to 60%, adding 10% to 20% of cakes, 10% to 15% of fishmeal, 1% of shell powder and salt, multivitamins and additives. The amount of fish meal can be increased or decreased according to the egg production rate

The method of prevention and treatment of long hedgehog

Some heads of the monkey head are less than the standard size of the commodity. The only small ones are long stabs of peanuts. This occurs in the second and third oyster mushrooms. One of the main reasons is that the cultivation of nutrients and water in the material is seriously lacking, and the

Feeding Management Techniques for Lean Sows

1. Sowing and breeding 1 The gilts should be selected among the progenies propagated in the approved breeding farm core group. The breeding pigs should be well-developed, healthy and disease-free, in line with the characteristics of the varieties, normal development of reproductive organs, and nipp

Mango Storage and Preservation Technology

First, the harvest should be selected resistant storage resistant varieties timely harvest. Judging whether the fruit is ripe or not can be determined from the following aspects: When the fruit is no longer growing, the shoulders are rounded, the skin color is darkened; the fruit is cut, the seed s

Processing and use of relevant pearl badger

Pearl aphid is a rare wild economic animal that combines edible game, medicinal, fur, ornamental, experimental animals and cosmetics raw materials. With its fast growth rate, high reproduction rate, easy breeding, and high survival rate, it has become a good breeding project for people to become ri

Key points for improving the hatchability of quail eggs

In recent years, the artificial breeding of alfalfa has developed rapidly, and how to increase the artificial hatching rate of alfalfa eggs is a problem faced by a large number of specialized breeding families. Improve the hatching rate of quail eggs. During the incubation process, be sure to grasp

About the control method of soft rot of appendix

Symptoms: After the leaves of the rhizome endangered, the water-stained discoloration streak appears, spreads and spreads to the rhizomes, and the internal tissues are gray-brown, sticky, soft and rot, and there is odor, leaving the shell of the empty shells behind and the sick leaves wilting. , ea