Fish farming with betaine

Studies on the use of betaine as a fish attractant for fish farming have shown that fish consumption depends on the sense of smell and taste, in addition to relying on vision. Although the artificial diet fed in aquaculture has a full range of nutrients, it is not enough to cause appetite in aquati

How to improve the taste of farmed fish

How to realize the high quality of aquatic products should be another important direction for the development of aquaculture in the future. Under the premise of pollution-free, pure taste and no odor, maintaining the original natural flavor of aquatic products should be a prerequisite for high-qual

Nurturing broodstock

Spring is a crucial period for gonad development in broodstock. Experts remind farmers to pay attention to the following technical measures in production management: First, timely increase water temperature: when it is fine, drain water to lower the water level of the fish pond and speed up the wat

Lettuce winter planting technology

Lettuce is loved by consumers because of its refreshing taste, rich nutrition, and health care functions. It has strong adaptability and short growth period. It is one of the best vegetables for crop cultivation and intercropping in protected areas in autumn and winter. It can be supplied in off-se

Sweet Source Application Test Report Excerpt

â–² China Light Industry Association Sugarcane Industry Research Institute in 1997 in Guangxi, Yunnan, Guangdong, four locations, the sugarcane test, set up three treatments: 1, diluted 300 times before the sweet source of spraying. 2, diluted 400 times the same time spraying. 3, spray the same

Two salmon farming techniques

Two-fish breeding differs from the once-a-year rearing mode, that is, after the spring of each year or after the autumn of the previous year, large-sized fish species are placed in ponds, and after four months of intensive cultivation in the spring, the fish reach the commodity. The specifications

The simple processing of seaweed sauce

Seaweed is a treasure of edible seaweed and has extremely high nutritional and medicinal value. Dry seaweed contains 24.5% protein, which is more than 9 times the protein content of fresh mushrooms. Vitamin A content is 67 times that of milk and 20 times that of eggs. There are also vitamin B1, B2,