Strengthen nutrition and increase female fertility rate

Autumn is a good season for rabbit breeding. Therefore, rabbit breeding farms do a good job in the autumn work of rabbits, which is an important part of raising the economic benefits of raising rabbits. The author explored the practice of raising rabbits based on years of experience. It is very important to increase the fertility rate of female rabbits in autumn. It should be noted that Do the following things well.

Rabbits have reduced appetite, physical weakness, and poor sexual performance during hot summer months. Rabbits have a small amount of ejaculate and poor semen quality. Therefore, 15-20 days before the beginning of the autumn match, the male and female rabbits should be given more nutrients. Each day, each rabbit can supplement 20 ripe soybeans to meet the nutritional needs of the rabbits to improve the male rabbit's Semen quality and maintenance of medium mating status in breeding females.

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