Precautions for Phosphorus Fertilizer in Vegetables

There are many kinds of phosphate fertilizers with different properties. In order to achieve a good yield increase effect of phosphate fertilizer, in addition to using improved varieties and advanced cultivation techniques, appropriate varieties of phosphate fertilizer should be selected according to the nature of the soil. Under conditional conditions, basic phosphate fertilizer should be applied to acid soils such as yellow mud and purple yellow mud. Calcium, magnesium, and phosphate fertilizers; slightly alkaline soils such as purple soil and cantharidin should be applied as an acidic phosphorus phosphate superphosphate.

Second, the appropriate amount should be determined according to the different crops, soil and phosphate fertilizers. If the available phosphorus content of the soil is less than 5 parts per million, the amount may be slightly more, and vice versa. If the amount of water-soluble phosphate fertilizer (superphosphate, heavy superphosphate) is less, the amount of weak acid-soluble phosphate fertilizer (precipitated calcium phosphate, calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer, etc.) can be more.

Finally, pay attention to the application of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers. The nitrogen and phosphorus content of crops such as rice, corn, wheat, and rapeseed should normally be kept at a ratio of 2:1 or 3:1. If only phosphate fertilizers are applied without applying nitrogen fertilizer, the development of the crops will be unfavorable; or only nitrogen fertilizers and no phosphate fertilizers will be applied. The crop cannot grow normally. Therefore, nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers must be applied in a coordinated manner so that they can promote each other and increase crop yields.

In addition, the application of phosphate fertilizers should be emphasized. Phosphorus fertilizer applied to the soil, less mobility, therefore, phosphate fertilizer should not be applied or spread, it is best to concentrate on the application of phosphate fertilizer and a sufficient amount of decomposed heap slag mix and spread in the broadcast channel or pond. If used in rice, phosphate fertilizer and a sufficient amount of heap slag mix, the effect as a base fertilizer is better.

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