Five Measures to Improve Egg Production Rate in Layers during High Temperature Season

High temperature seasons cause heat stress in laying hens, resulting in decreased laying performance of laying hens. Therefore, the following points should be noted in the management of laying hens in summer.
Control the temperature of the house and reduce the heat radiation and heat of the house. Adopt measures such as planting trees or awnings in front of the house, planting grass around the house, white roofing or roofing inside the house, which can effectively reduce radiant heat and Heat is reflected to achieve cooling.
Ventilation and cooling The chicken house door is equipped with water curtains. The house is equipped with electric fans. The house is sprayed with water from the top of the house and from time to time to enhance ventilation, which can effectively reduce the temperature inside the house.
Reduce the rearing density, appropriately reduce the rearing density, and reduce the chicken's own heat production, so as to reduce the temperature and reduce the stress.
Strengthen feeding management The temperature is high before and after noon during the hot season, and chickens eat less or even refuse to feed. Special feeding methods can be adopted and the feeding time can be changed, that is, feeding or not feeding from 8am to 6pm in the morning, but sufficient drinking water (better well water) should be given. Feeding should be done before 8am and After 6 pm, it will be supplemented again at night. Where conditions permit, the powdered material can be changed to pellets, and the feed can be slightly wetted, increasing the feed intake of the chicken and reducing the effects of heat stress.
Adjustment of dietary nutrients During the hot season, chicken intake is relatively reduced. At this time, dietary ingredients may be adjusted to ensure that the chickens receive adequate nutrition.
Adding 1% to 3% fat to the feed can not only increase the energy level of the feed, but also increase the feed palatability and increase the feed intake of the chicken.
Decrease the eggs properly to reduce the crude protein content in the feed and maintain the content of essential amino acids. Add 0.1% to 1.5% methionine and 0.65% lysine.
Using anti-stress drugs and additives to add vitamins to add enough vitamins, especially vitamin C and vitamin E, not only can prevent vitamin deficiency caused by high temperature caused by vitamins in the feed is destroyed, and vitamin C can also greatly improve the chicken The body's anti-stress ability, vitamin E helps the chicken to achieve the best immune function, improve the resistance of the chicken body.
Add particulate calcium and electrolytes Add appropriate amounts of particulate calcium and electrolytes. The addition of electrolytes can not only compensate for the lack of minerals, maintain the acid-base balance, but also improve the performance of chickens during heat stress. Adding the appropriate amount of granular calcium in the diet can supplement the low blood calcium in the blood on the one hand, and can also increase the egg production rate and improve the egg shell quality on the other hand.
Add additives Add appropriate amount of additives to increase egg production rate, such as decreasing HE egg increase spirit.
Strengthen the epidemic prevention and control of diseases. In the summer, breeding of mosquitoes and flies, breeding of bacteria is quick, and chickens are prone to illness. Therefore, disinfection of hen houses must be strengthened to prevent the occurrence of diseases. Cleaning the floor, sanding the ground and strengthening chicken disinfection. The addition of fly maggot to the feed for 4 weeks can effectively reduce the breeding of mosquitoes and flies, and significantly reduce the incidence of diseases transmitted by mosquitoes and flies. Regularly adding astragalus polysaccharide, phytohemagglutinin, hypericin or ciprofloxacin lactate, lysozyme to the feed can prevent the occurrence of bacterial diseases and viral diseases. In addition, doing a good job of vaccination is also the key to preventing the occurrence of infectious diseases.

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